quick lil story


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quick lil story

So, if you've looked at the player matchup forum, you might know that I'm playing through the game untwinked with several other people. Today, a pally in the group and my frenzy barb were doing some meph runs when sig's glvoes dropped from one of bremm sparkfist's minions. I asked if he wanted. He said, could be good.

Literally two runs later, the belt drops. These two items i use on virtually ever character in early levels. I give them to him (i already had found sander's glvoes, so I was all set for the time being) and say, ok in a few more runs we'll find the rest of the set.

We start another game, called looking for sigs or something like that, and lo and behold! the boots and another belt drops! I put on the belt, he puts ont he boots, and gives me his sander's boots, which he no longer needs.

Literally like two games later, meph drops the helm. Or maybe this happened before the boots. I forget. Moral of the story is, 5 sigon's items dropped within 5-10 minutes, one of them a repeat.

It was maybe the most hilarious thing I've seen playing d2. Untwinked is the best.

update: first meph run i did: guess what gloves just dropped from one of bremm's minions ... along with millie's rod too!


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That seems to be happening to a few people recently. Either Blizz is doing something special, or (possibly more realisticly), it's just luck :D

Nice to hear, though