Quick Life Tap Question


Quick Life Tap Question

1. Does life tap give life to my summons when they do damage?
2. If so does it work on bosses?

Thanks for any help, simple yes/no is fine


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RTB said:
It works on all un-leechable monsters, except those Physical Immune.
Just to avoid confusion: it also works on leechable monsters...

Putting the hairs back together...


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Stevebo said:
Thanks for any help, simple yes/no is fine
:D This is slightly longer than a simple yes/no.

Your skellies won't do enough dam LT to effectively work. (unless super high lvl skellies that actually can kill monsters FAST.)

Decrep, or even Amp would be better suited.

- Dennis


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Skellies get around to 350 damage with decent gear. At the rate they hit, I suspect it adds up, but yes, in most cases killing enemies fast does a better job than keeping your skellies alive longer to take more damage. They heal so fast between fights that you're better off ending them sooner. I see Life Tap as a handy meleemancer curse or something to give your merc a quick refill with if you still haven't gotten decent leech gear for him.


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When I see my skeles are getting hit by a powerful unique (extra strong, aura, stone skin etc) I put life tap up for a few seconds just to fill their life bars.