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Hi all,

I've been playing a bunch of 1.14d LoD recently, but after an issue with my harddrive and losing a bunch of the gear I had gotten I've decided to go back to what I enjoy most -- classic D2.

I've played a decent amount in 1.06b in the past, but have never ventured back this far. My main goal is to get a character (or more) up to lvl 84 (hopefully higher) and gamble some godly rares and farm some cow king drops. Godly rares will then be forwarded to 1.09b where I'm going to do my sept of classic chars playing on players 64 for as much as I can.

In 1.06b level 29 was a good level to use the imbue quest on weapons. I used to rush a bunch of chars and level them for their imbues to use on martels to bring forward. I don't think I'll invest too much time in this endeavour in 1.00, but is the imbue level still true?

Also, martel damage is bugged in 1.00 and are basically worthless. If they are brought forward to 1.09 will the damage be recalculated with the enhanced damage actually applied? Is there any issue with doing the same with gothic bows, which are bugged in a similar but different way in 1.00?

I remember weapon mastery for barbs having a mild bug in early patches, but I'm not sure what the outcome is. Is 1 point all that's necessary, do further points actually do anything? If so it would make me a lot more flexible on gear upgrades as I find them.

Lastly, is farming cow king a good way to get these godly rares? I know he acts a little like a rack does in later patches, where you can get a stable seed and he'll drop from a fairly limited amount of options. This truncation of drops doesn't mean he'll be dropping identical rare items, does it? They will still have differing prefixes and suffixes, right?

What cube recipes work? Getting a savage polearm seems like it'd be very powerful, but I doubt that was back this far. Does soj socketing rare items work?

Will IM absolutely wreck me as a ww barb in hell CS? Is it hard to level up into the 80's without CS runs? I assume you'd just do RoF.

Thanks in advance all. I'll probably think of more questions as I play through.
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:oops: I should have known this forum would have such a reliquary of knowledge on the topic. Thankyou.