Questions regarding minions


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Questions regarding minions


I have a few questions about the Druid's minions for a Summoning/ShapeShifting hydrid (probably not cookie cutter...) I would like to try out for playing untwinked (therefore I won't bother discussing gear) hardcore PvM (single or multiplayer...not sure yet). At an unrealistic level 99, I would like my Druid to have the following core skills setup for a total of 70 skill points :

Werewolf : 1
Lycanthropy : 20 (maxed last for extra life)
Feral Rage : 1 (prereq)
Rabies : 20
Poison Creeper : 20 (I won't be exploiting the Carrion Wind "feature")
Raven : 5
Summon Spirit Wolf : 1
Summon Dire Wolf : 1
Summon Grizzly : 1

I would like to spend the remaining 40 points to max out a spirit (either Heart of Wolverine or Spirit of Barbs?) and an animal summon (either Summon Dire Wolf or Summon Grizzly?) in order to dish out decent direct or returned physical damage mainly through my minions and an Act II desert merc (Might or Thorn?) while my character supports them by infecting foes with Rabies without being heavily involved in melee combat. As far as attributes are concerned, I may favor investing most points in Vitality while keeping a low Dexterity to get high Life instead of high Blocking %.

Which spirit, animal summon and merc would you advise for this purpose? Are Druid minions (especially the vines) still (if they ever were) a problem in regards to lag in multiplayer? Are vines affected by some auras?

Thank you for your help!


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Hardcore eh? Shield and Oak. Blocking 3/4 of all attacks is important in HC especially if you plan to be in melee range even for just a little bit. Might merc for more merc/summons damage or HF, that's more about personal taste.

20 Rabies
20 PC
20 Grizzly
20 Oak
3+ Dire (there may be places where you prefer more minions)
1 or 5 to ravens
Lycanthropy and WW to taste


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maybe a few into fury becasue you can leech life back if you charge up feral and it deals phsyical incase they are psn immune


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A shield and Oak Sage are probably wise choices but will a Grizzly be able to kill things latter on in the game without the damage input of Heart of Wolverine? As far as Fury goes, I don't think this build will be dishing out sufficient physical damage to stand for long in melee even with Feral Rage. I also would of thought Holy Freeze to be kind of counter-productive with Rabies since I want my foes to be mobile enough to infect their neighbours efficiently during its duration.

Thanks for the advice!


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IIRC there was a forumite who had a creative way of spreading rabies via the 'monster flee' mod. Also Delirium pelt has ctc confuse and this would cause monsters attacking randomly and sounds like a devious way of spreading rabies too :p There are some druids i met who complain that oak/HOW dies often in hell so some maxed lyncantrophy a.s.a.p to guarantee a healthy pool of life whatever happens.