Questions regarding BvC Barb


Questions regarding BvC Barb

I'd like to start off apologizing to the elite duelers in here who have to take all the time to answer my 1923840918 questions about bvc barbs. I have a couple more for you :)

My setup is as follows:
Arreats with 31ed/9str
MP Enigma
2x Warcry spears on switch
2x FCR rings with 60+ mana/7 res all (legit so I couldn't find a 15 res all one)

In stash I have:
Dead Greaves Rare Boots(19str/30frw/20fhr/31% cr/45% fr)
Arreats with Um
Angelic Amulet and Rings
Hotspurs and Nokozan
2x 240+/20 Raven
2x Wiz spike with Um
141 Shako with Ber
Stormshield with -15/30% fr
Some FCR rings with higher resist to individual elements (2x Higher Light Resist 1x Cold 1x Fire)

I really can't afford to get more items beyond this unless their common

1) Someone previously (I think it was dkay) suggest I use the Ed/str jeweled Arreats. But now my resists aren't maxed in hell. Shouldn't I use the ummed Arreats?

2) Wind druids are owning me. Their fhr sucks and I can get their minions spread apart and tele whirl them, but their tornados do so much damage. I don't have enough to buy myself a Ber Ber CoA, and so I tried using Shako with Ber. Unfortunately this kills my resists/ar/fhr, and other chars pounce on me (I play pubbies) and I die.

3) Hammerdins are owning me. I'm guessing the ones that just sit in their hammerfield you really have no chance, especially since I don't own a widowmaker. This best I can do is piss them off by leaping them a lot.

4) Smiters. They get life tap on you. The gain all their life back. Maybe I need to master triangle whirl?

5) Bowazons. They spam arrows from 4 screens away. How am I supposed to tele up to them, whirl, and survive as 4980 arrows are following me? I'm not really fast at casting so the arrows are faster than my teleport. I think I'll use 2x Wiz spike on switch for the fast cast (If I cast BO it'll be a little weaker), then switch to ebotd/beast to attack them maybe?

6) Is the above enough gear for pubbies? What would be the required extra gear I would need on top of that stuff? Do you suggest I NOT have some of the above stuff? (I'm low on space :p)

In advance, Thanks for all the help.


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An easy fix, .8 gaze if nl, .1 if ur L for wind droods at least. You could probably get away with um'ing it or shael. Use this and 2 fcr rings vs druids and zons. That should simultaneously fix ur dr and cast problems. Vs smiters if tap goes off just whirl away and wait it out, if they walk to you whirl away again, if they charge you whirl away and then their really screwed. Yea I dunno bout triangle whirl cuz I cant do it right yet.


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hmm.. what are your resist?

what are your charms as well? my friends barb (the one i always played with) had about 30 3/20/20s, rest were 20/5s for stack resist.

also what is your life? personally ive never had any trouble against any windy.. most times i dont even use CoA ~_~ against windys is were triangle whirlwinds shine too, since a constant change in direction reduces the number of nados that hit you. try triangle whirls. (they dont even have to be good ones)

against hammerdins.. hmm this was a bit hard for me because my friends barb never maxed leap so i did widow them. if you dont have widow but maxed leap... id keep leaping untill they're out of their field. if they are stationary hammerfielders.. just tele under them and zerk. pretty simple. dont expect to beat these guys right away.. i think this class takes the most practice. but all i can say is that blobs made my life a living hell when i dueled him with my hammerdin. (he was a 13k hammer 4k life with max dr too.)

smiters were fairly easy. personally, i never triangle whirled these guys because i wasnt as good at it as other bvc barbs. but what i would do is nick them with a whirlwind (dont whirl INTO them because it gives them free hits) just whirl NEXT to thier side. wait for 1 to hit and let OW play its game if they shift +smite. with thier life draining.. force them to come close to you. you can also piss them off with constant leaps. see my main objective against them is to have them come to me so i can whirl away. 2-3 good whirls always take care of them. if you really struggle.. use angelics + life tap wand on switch.

zons: the most annoying arent the ones that shoot from afar.. but the ones that CONSTANTLY run when chased and it starts to desync lol. if your using 3/20/20s then you can actually kill them with x2 wizspikes with ums in them. but even with 500-600 mana and low fcr. you can do long teleports to catch up to them. the GA shouldnt always hit you unless they're AA. also. i notice yo uhave a stormshield in stash.. you went block? if so slap on the stormshield and you can REALLY punish them.

another little trick against zons.. if they are in your site and its an open field (no puddles and etc) then name lock whirlwind them. right click the zon with whirlwind skill and its funny as hell. on the zons screen, your slowly whirling at them so they run to where they think your not even close and start shooting.. but whirlwind actually travels much faster than how it seems, so it desyncs and you hit them even though your not anywhere on thier screen. easy kill. try it a couple times.. its very funny.

for pub id still keep a couple more things.. like widow (hopefully you'll get one.. even a cheap one.) use hotos instead of warcry stick. take out the shako. add in lifetap and amp wand. (you can shop these at akara.)

before you repost be sure to post your life/resist/charms please. :O


So .08 Gaze with Um will fix the problems? Although dkay says you can beat them without the gaze... without extra DR I'm only getting 8% from Enigma... Their damage is much less significant when I put shako on...

Level: 82

Life: 5.6k <- Why is this so low? Probably my level...

WW Damage: 5.2k

Berserk Damage: 6k

Defense: 9k

Resists: 75f/64c/75l/70p with main gear in hell

Charms: 20/20/10 Anni, 10/64/3 dex gc, 9/55/6 str gc, Masteries with 7frw, Masteries with 3-5 Cold Damage, Masteries with 1-3 light dmg, 13x 20 life sc (1 with 6pr, 1 with 19 def), 3/18/50 pdsc, 3/14/1 str sc, 2/12/1 str sc, 5res/2 dex sc, 5res/1 str sc, 5% frw/11fr sc, 100 pd/16 life sc, 77ar/34 life lc, 5/27/24 life lc

Edit: Why Hoto's over Warcry sticks?
soc said:
Edit: Why Hoto's over Warcry sticks?
with the hotos you can tele quickly to catch up to what ever is getting away from you, then switch weapons and ww them.It increases your bo as much as wc spears would. more expensive but worth it.

cheers rang :thumbsup:


morotsjos said:
And your charms...
Good call. Should I just ditch masteries and get 20 lifers? I don't really feel like messing around with dupes, and I don't trust the public in "permed" 3/20/20's.

Thanks Rang, although in earlier discussions someone mentioned that it's almost impossible to switch that fast. After you catch them with hoto, it's extremely difficult to switch back to ebotd/beast quickly enough and whirl them.


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is your barb pure bvc? if so your life is nearly half the life of a godly bvc barb. (they can hit over 8k.. near 9 i beleive)

ditch those masteries. use 20 lifer scs and you should see a increase in life. your damage is much better than mine was. my bvc was only 4k life with 4k damage. the reason i say that you dont need dr against pub windies is because if you do your whirls right (dont just whirl in and out... keep changing directions (aka trinagle whirls)) and a lot of the nados wont hit you. with you doing the same amount of damage as the windy, and you having more life, and your attack being at 4 frames while his is 8-9 frame to cast, and your attack constantly keeping him in some form of animation.. logically you shouldnt lose... dont you agree?

remember practice makes perfect. esp against hammerdins. ;/
im really intching to help you by joining the same pub game with my friends barb and showing you.. but d2 is completely destroyed.


u need get better on ur mastery gc (if u cant get more max/ar/life), mastery gc /w life isnt that hard to find, they arent taht expensive as well.

if u cant get berber coa, then use .8 gaze.

u dont really need double hotos on switch

Btw, do u use dracul? and lvl up at least to lvl85 to be effective.


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agreed. i always used draculs in case the caster was defensive.

if you need more resist or stack.. use trang gloves.


Rangniheldr said:
with the hotos you can tele quickly to catch up to what ever is getting away from you, then switch weapons and ww them.It increases your bo as much as wc spears would. more expensive but worth it.

cheers rang :thumbsup:
Noooooooooooooooooooo, you cant switch. CANT.
Half the time you'll end up whirling with hotos, and the other half of the time the caster will get away due to slowness in switching.
It DOES NOT work in practise period.
Hotos are nice for fast bo though =)

soc: Ye, get 20 life scs and ar/life scs.
Luckily no 32020:s poof here in europe ^^


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ya i wasnt talking about hoto switch lol. damn w button never listens to people. its good because when your taking your time in a duel against hammerdins and smiters and orb sorcs. it increases your leap level and your resistance (orb sorcs are nasty)


dkay said:
ya i wasnt talking about hoto switch lol. damn w button never listens to people. its good because when your taking your time in a duel against hammerdins and smiters and orb sorcs. it increases your leap level and your resistance (orb sorcs are nasty)
Ok so I won't get 2x hoto's, unless I want them for sexy factor. I thought 2x Ummed Wiz spike was for Orbers (I'll assume they have ES also).

Ok so I'll switch out all masteries for ar/life sc's. What about the rest of my charms? My max/ar/stat gc/lc's???

That's why I'm confused, I should easily have 7k+ life, yet I only have 5.6k. I have 495 Vitality as of level 82. I think the change in charms, and about 5 or 6 more levels will raise it to that level.

Thanks all for the help, I'm getting better against hammerdins with practice, although it feels like my damage is pathetic is against them (or maybe they have really high life so my connecting hits don't seem to be doing a lot?)

Against druids... Well I still don't have the 08 Gaze... So it's a disaster. I don't know how dkay does it. I try triangle whirl but I mean I'm right next the guy so the Nados travel for like .01 seconds and they only have to anticipate where I'm going to whirl (pretty easy if your whirling in the same triangle all the time) to connect.


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personally.. i would switch out your stat charms for more lifers. since you dont have any max ar life charms at all. might as well go all out for now. your damage will be a lot more solid with grief coming out anyways.

try msging mcm when you get the chance. im sure he'd love to show you how to take out windies.

another thing against hammerdins: dont be in any rush. remember that the only way you can hit them is if you get close to them. BUT the only way they can hit you is if they get close to you. if they are stupid.. you can just wait until they teleport on top of you. then you can get in an easy whirl.

be sure to level as high as you can too. since if your at a lower level than your opponent, it gets hard to hit them.


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dkay said:
be sure to level as high as you can too. since if your at a lower level than your opponent, it gets hard to hit them.
So many people overlook this critical point. If you know that your dueler is a final build, it's almost necessary to level into the 94ish range (assuming an AR dependent attack like WW). Otherwise those high defense pallys that have been botted up to level 97+ become very hard to hit indeed.


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It's actually not a huge difference. I calculated hit % with 8k ar vs 10k def at lv85 vs lv95 and lv95 vs lv95. The difference was ~2%.

As difference in ar/def gets higher, the % gets smaller.