Questions pretaining to Hell Ancients vs a Fury Druid


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Does life steal work against ancients, by that I mean items with life leech mods or skills with life leech properties.

In that same venue, do mercs deal reduce damage against ancients?

Lastly much defense should one have if one decides to wield a big 2-hander weapon long enough to lifesteal and tank the ancients?

Also in the same venue, how much health should one shoot for assuming one wants to do hell ancients on hardcore... untwinked... in a single-pass?

Thanks in advance.


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Shouldn't be a problem unless your personal/tournament rules prohibit resetting them with a town portal if they spawn nasty.

I'd reset them if any one of them spawns cursed, might, or even fanaticism. Also, if Korlic spawns extra strong, or any of them gains physical immunity.

The ancients spawn with set base items for gear, but random affixes. I do NOT know if their weapons can spawn ethereal, but IF they can, imagine being cursed vs extra strong extra fast Korlic with a cruel eth CV while might is around....

I have had success in the past using high defense against ancients. IIRC, an untwinked paladin had a lot of trouble, but using defiance actually turned the tide, to my considerable surprise.


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BTW a random armor shrine just before fighting might help, too, and isn't too hard to do.