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Questions on Light sorc equipment.

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by DaveTheGreat, May 23, 2008.

  1. DaveTheGreat

    DaveTheGreat IncGamers Member

    Feb 19, 2008
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    Questions on Light sorc equipment.

    I could've just read the guides but I wanted an opinion from some of the pros here ;)

    Note, I haven't actually made her yet, just planning it out. She will be only PVM and I would like to mf with her. Heres what I know for sure.

    War travs

    Thats it, I'm not so sure about the rest.

    What rings? I was thinking a 30mf nagel and an FCR ring. I don't really know the breakpoints but the spirit is 35 FCR.

    Is it good to go with the Tals armor/belt/ammy combo? That seems to give a fair bit of mf, or is there something better?

    Gloves, chancies or magefists?

    I don't know what to do about the weapon. Hoto? I could actually make one of those myself, are they always made in flails?

    Lastly my merc. I do have an infinity for him and I will try and get an efort or some other lower armor until then. But whats the best helm for him to use?

    Thanks guys ;)
  2. Coldsmoke

    Coldsmoke IncGamers Member

    Dec 29, 2007
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    Re: Questions on Light sorc equipment.

    If you're gonna use Griffons you might as wel go 200fcr. It's very addicting:)
    I recently made a 200fcr lightsorc for mfing and rushing myself.
    gear is:
    Helm------Griffon with -5/4 facet
    Armor-----vipermagi 35/13 upped 1009def with -5/4 facet
    Boots-----War travs
    Weapon1--Wizzard spike with Ist
    Shield1----35%fcr spirit monarch
    Shield2----xx%fcr spirit monarch
    Amulet----mara's(resist doesn't really matter because of Wizzy)
    Ring1-----10%fcr/17str/73mana/some resist
    Ring2-----10%fcr/20str/some resist(getting a 10fcr/13dex/70+mana soon)

    Maximum mf with this gear=
    War travs:50
    Wizzy with Ist:30
    Rare ring:don't know exactly but 15+%mf is possible:15
    Rare ring:15
    So you only have 110 from gear.

    But if you throw in 10mf scs=70%
    So you could get 220%mf witch I think is more then enough becouse you can easely mf in full games with this.
    I usually join a Baalgame and do: Andy, Meph, Shenk, Eldrich, Pindle and Join for the Baalkill. I myself have 190%mf now.
    Ofcourse you can also change facets for ptopaz. And change Mara's for rare
    mf/stat/res/mana ring(I'm planning on doing this)
    I just checked atma for some odds:
    1Playergame with 400%mf. Chance 1:476 for [email protected] Meph
    8playergame with 200%mf. Chance 1:448 for [email protected] Meph

    As for stats:
    Str: enough for spirit
    Dex: enough for wizzy
    Life: the rest
    Mana: none

    My merc:
    Infinity eth CV
    Eth Stone(Planning on upping it to eth Coh)
    Vamp gaze

    Ps: Rushing in normal and nightmare is wickit cool with 200fcr nova:p

    Pps: If you want a pure mf built, there are better alternatives I think then my build. but like I said: 200fcr rules!
    Last edited: May 23, 2008
  3. UberB

    UberB IncGamers Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    Re: Questions on Light sorc equipment.

    I hated 200 FCR. I was losing mana like crap and I thought 105/117 FCR was wicked fast already. But each to his own.

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