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Questions of mine, Quite many.

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Ardo, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Ardo

    Ardo IncGamers Member

    Mar 23, 2006
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    Questions of mine, Quite many.

    For starters I want to say, that I haven't done any of these things with my new chars, (I did redo baal's first drop with a friend before the super restart I had)

    I. Hellforge rushing.

    I know the best version to rush is in 1.09, so.

    1) Do I need to install 2 copies of Diablo?
    2) Do I need to install 2 copies of Atma?
    3) What char would be best for rushing? Frozen Orb/Thunderstorm?
    4) If I get to the hell in there, In what version should I do the real hellforge, 1.10a or.. ?
    5) So if there, do I need 3 copies of everything.
    6) How cheesy it is in your eyes?
    7) Incase I would want to start Mp/Trading again, how much it would effect my trading?

    II. Baal's first drop(Never ending the quest.)

    1) How cheesy it is in your eyes to do it. (Since I play with a very good friend, it would be easy for us to not end the quest for one of us.)
    2) Incase I would want to start Mp/Trading again, how much it would effect my trading?

    III. Pre 1.11 items.

    1) I heard there are some items in some versions before 1.11, which can't spawn as good as they did before, which would be the goods items to get and which versions were they in?
    2) I heard there are some good runewords before 1.11, like the CTA ones. (A lot better than the one now).
    2.1) Where could I find the stats for it?
    2.2) What version I need to create it?
    3) Are there any other runewords from pre 1.11 worth mentioning?

    Well, I am not sure, Maybe I may not ask some questions which I just did, If so, I am sorry. :undecided:
  2. colony

    colony IncGamers Member

    Jul 26, 2003
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    1: No, you can use the version switcher which you can get here. I prefer to have separate installs though, as I've had problems with the version switcher if D2 crashes
    2: No, unless you intend to play one of the 1.10 betas, where you'll need ATMA 4.
    3: TBH Orb with almost anything does well in 1.09. Orb/TStorm/Nova works well but Nova takes a lot of mana, and waiting for TStorm to kill things is boring. Fire Wall is also very powerful
    4: Either in 1.10s or 1.11. The RWs used different runes in 1.10a and therefore aren't recognised when you move them to 1.10 final or later
    5: If you want the beta RWs you'll need to have a character in 1.10s that can collect runes efficiently. I found it too much of a pain for serious rushing, and stuck to 1.11 to save time
    6: Quite cheesy, some members don't really like it at all. Some don't care at all
    7: I'd mention it in your profile and let people who you trade with know. It's still too early to tell with rune trading only just being allowed how it'll affect trading, but I haven't found it a big problem yet


    1: Cheesy, but less so than HF rushing IMO. Having to cope with the constantly changing map adds some annoyance too
    2: No idea at all


    1: There are lots, here are the main ones:

    1.06 (I think it was) and earlier: Uniques are a lot easier to gamble and rares can spawn with some very good mods. Also the ring drop sequence was still used
    1.07: The main things here are all the vita items, Arkaine's Valk wing, Visceratuant etc. As well as this there's the max damage charms which are very powerful. There's a 1.07 FAQ in the stickies somewhere
    1.10a: +2 to all skills BK Wedding Bands

    2.1: They're in the runes.txt file, I don't know if they're listed anywhere else anymore
    2.2: 1.10s
    3: Apart from CTA there's Bramble, which has adds much more poison damage than in the final version (69-207% instead of 25-50%), and also Crescent Moon, which has a higher CTC static IIRC

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