Questions for My PvP/Chaos running Bowazon


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Questions for My PvP/Chaos running Bowazon

Hi, I recently made my PvP zon, and cranked her out to level 85, disregarded my other charactars needs for equipment, sold it or stole it, (besides greif :p), and have scavanged this:

Mav’s Helm with 15 ias jewel (trying to get 120/45)
Fort (Scarab Husk…don’t know what drove someone into making it in this)
Highlords ( To get Cats Eye?)
Faith (2skills/12aura/342 ed) gmb
SandStorm Treks
20 IAS, and kb gloves OR +3 Bow skills 20 ias(legit? Sorry if not…they’r perm atleast)
2 Ravenfrosts (or 1 ravenfrost, and 1 Manald for mana leech, need dual leech, for chaos)
1 Bo Cta on switch (get harmony for vigor?)…cta doesn’t help much, 750 life w/o.
Some Psn charms, 50’s 100’s, bunch of 25-30 Life large charms, half inventory full
Anni, Torch.

I have just enough strength for equipment, 434 or something Dexterity, and 106 in vitality, and no mana.

Maxed Guided arrow
1 in multi and strafe
Maybe 5 in each D/A/E (made each about 50-55%)
2-5 in each Pierce, Penetrate, Critical Strike.
1 in all Prerequisites, and nearly most of the passive tree (zero in javas)

I have 33 points left to do plus all of the bonus skill quests (12). I also plan on leveling this char to atleast 90 (hopefully 95).

What to do with the extra skills? Get valk to 17? Max d/a/e? keep pumping dexterity or get vitality up? Lots of Poison charms necessary?

Oh and Btw, yes I did look at the (outdated) guides.


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One major flaw: Your Faith GmB. It has lvl12 Fana, this means you have to get 99%IAS to reach last breakpoint. If you have lvl13, you only need 95%. When PvP you need to reach this.
Helm 45 (ideally 120ed/45ias/30frw diadem/tiara)
Amu 20 (Cats)
Gloves 20 (2pass/20ias/mods, nn 3bow/20ias)
Belt 10 (Nosferatus)
= 95

I think the points into DEA should be something like 50%/60%/50%, after this the return is diminishing.
Critical Strike - Atleast have this at lvl 16. After that the return is diminishing. But for PvP maxing it can is also good.
CTA on switch will do little for you, go with Harmony.
Boots: Wartravelers over treks for PvP. 15-25 damage and 10str will do good. Also consider 40FRW boots.