Questions concerning the "poison dagger bug" ifr


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Questions concerning the "poison dagger bug"

well, i saw it in "blood raven copy cat doable" thread, and asked my question there, but the thread got corrupted, so i'll ask it here again.

someone in the thread mentionned a bug with poison dagger that allows you to use that skill with bows and such, can someone tell me more about it plz?

Does the attack with a bow and such get all the benefits of the skills(read poison dmg and AR)?

maybe a rangermancer could be funny :)

thx in advance.

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The Rangermancer is actually called a Bowamancer, or more precisely a Dark Ranger.

Yes, the Poison Dagger bug works with bows/x-bows. To use it simple select the Poison dagger skill. Now equip the bow. Then use the Poison dagger skill on your target. The bow will fire using the increased AR from the Poison dagger skill. BUT it will not receive the poison damage, nor is there mana used in the process.


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thx for the info mantis :xsmile:

well, i guess it's still worth it since, iirc, there's a big ar boost on poison dagger.


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I should just note that it also works with the same way with any weapon, because what it does is defaults to "normal" attack with the AR bonus added.


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I woul also like to add that it doesn't give any bonus to thrown weapons when trying to throw them, but it will work when using them to melee