Questions about lvl85 areas


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Questions about lvl85 areas

I've decided to take a break from Meph and run some lvl85 areas to try something new and maybe gain a level or two. Currently I'm just running the Mosoleum with my meteorb, the ancient tunnels tends to kill my merc too quick without Lifeleech.

1: Whats the limit on runes that can drop? I'm assumming it's up to Vex for the monsters but what about chest, dead bodies and graves. and do they have a known probabilty?

2: I read somwhere that chests have set ilvl in different areas such as the pit was 66 i think, what is the mosoleums.

3: on a mf note ive been having some wierd results with drops that made me star do the mosoleum. I had about 300% mf running hell meph for close to 200 runs and he was dropping uniques and sets quite regulary. But i recently traded for a gull dagger and used it for a switch weapon. I take meph to the last tenth of his life and switch to the gull as he dies from the flames of my metors. Now with 100% more mf i would think id be getting atleast the same results if not better. but for a couple hours probly 30-40+ runs all im getting is gold piles and 2-3 magic or rare items.

is it just my luck, cause i did a couple runs after back with the 300% and he was dropping uniques and sets like they were trash even dropped a wizard pike along with 2 other uniques and 2 set pieces in one drop.

I'm really curious about this cause I' running the mausoleum with the 400% mf and have only found two uniques face of horror and arriocs needle, I know I shouldn't see uniques that often in these areas but i wonder if im harming my finds?


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1. Zod. They have a known probability. Your best bet is to goto the SPF and download ATMA (stickied). ATMA has a drop calculator that gives you a readout of the drop probabilities of runes, as well as all other items in the game.

2. Props (i.e. chests, urns, barrels, etc.) have the same ilvl as the area level. For level 85 areas, the ilvl is 85.

EDIT: I think what you were referring to earlier was the TC.

Chest drops in alvl 85 areas [Originally Posted by Ruvanal]
Crypt, Pit Levels 1 & 2: TC66
Maggot Lair lvl 3, Ancient Tunnels: TC69
The Temples in Kurast, Kurast Sewers lvl 2: TC 75
River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary: TC 78

TC List

3. Complete myth. More MF does not 'hurt' your drops, nor is there an ideal 'magic' MF number. What you experienced there was a dry spell. The more MF the better, so long as it does not significantly slow down your killing speed.


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thanks, ill take a look at atmas drop calculator.

Alos another thing I always wandered was when the game pick the quality of item, what order does it go in. for example:

1st: it pick the item type
2nd: does it then check if its going to be a unique and if not it checks if its going to be a set and if not it checks to see if its going to be a rare then magic.

I kinda think not. I figured it calculated the chance of either type then picked one at random based on the chances. and if thats true wouldn't it be better to keep it so uniques were atleast level with magics. otherwise the chance of magics would out way the chance of uniques right?


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You kill a monster and the game decides what base item the killed monster will drop. The base item can be gold, arrows, runes, breast plate, trident, battle boots, etc. At this stage, MF has no effect on the selection of the base item. Which is why MF has no effect on runes.

Once the base item is selected, the game then determines if MF has an effect on it. In the case of runes, it does not. If for example, a breast plate is selected, that is when MF (amongst other things) determines if it rolls as a unique, rare, set, magic or white breast plate. The roll only happens once, i.e. it does not cycle from unique to rare to set to etc.

If it rolls successfully as a unique breast plate, you'll get the Venom Ward. If it rolls successfully as a set breast plate, you'll get Isenhart's green crap.

If the base item is an item that does not have a unique or set, then the roll will fail to produce it, and will result in a rare item with triple durability (in the case of a failed unique), or a magic item with double durability (in the case of a failed set).

That is the gist of it in a nutshell, and I daresay that I have not explained it too well. If you want to know the full details, goto the Stats Forum and look for the Item Generation Tutorial (stickied).

I'm not sure I entirely follow your last statement. Would you mind rephrasing it?

Maybe this is what you were referring to:


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FrostBurn said:
it does not cycle from unique to rare to set to etc.
It does, actually. Once the base item has been decided, there's a roll to see if it
should be unique. If that roll fails, a roll for set quality is made. If that fails, blah
blah blah and so on, for rare then magic then superior and finally normal. If all
fail, low quality (cracked etc) is what you get.

Other than that, a most excelent post as usual, mister Burns.


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You know, I'm actually near delirious with pleasure reading that. That means that MF is all the more useful, since it is applied more than once in determining the quality of the drop. Superb!

Thanks for that mister reichster. :tongue: