Questions about knockback

Questions about knockback

1. What is the range you're going to get knocked back

2. If you go into fhr after being knocked back, which I think you do, then for how many animations?

3. Does knockback from more than one item stack, and what is the %chance of knocking target back (can you ever have 100%?)

4. Is it possible in any way to make an attack combination with high range, high attack speed and high %kb, so you'll "stun" the opponent no matter how high his fhr is?

5. I know this might be a bit Off Topic, but it doesn't seem like that anything is happening with the FAQ in this forum! :(

Thanks in advance for the answers


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Don't know the answer to your question, but noticed that in Hell difficulty, the PvM knockback has been largely ineffective in 1.10 as compared to 1.09. My 1.09 bowazon started becoming ineffective with her "nef"ed lycanders... monsters just wouldnt get knocked back much (most times, not at all... rather they just "Paused" in their paths).
Don't know the reason for it, I'm assuming the reason is nerfing of the knockback mod, much like life leech was nerfed.



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Well, my Windforce knocks back nicely (sometimes "too nicely" --- in Arcane Sanctuary I'd like the Spectres to stay where they are, so the merc can continue decrepping them... but they get knocked back all the time, and when decrep times out I have to wait until they are back in range again to be cursed).

It seems to be just a chance to knock back, though.


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I've heard knockback has something to do with size. I think it was like this:

small enemy (fallen)=100%
medium enemy (doom knight I think)=50%
large enemy (act 5 frenzytour lords)=25%

There is a size on all monsters: S/M/L.
Try druids moulten boulder. You will see it knocks back fallens, but crush against a brute.

but I am not sure if my information is correct or if it is more complicated, affected by difficulty or patches. Just trying to help out :D


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Chance to cause Knockback

Vs. large (eLarge): 32/128 = 25%
Vs. small (eSmall): 128/128 = 100%
everyone else: 64/128 = 50%

Quoted source: Facts & Formulae Archive May be it will be enough as FAQ as well ;)

I dont belive that chance for kb stacks - not sure about it though.
CK range seems to be a couple of yards.
Afaik fhr works in case of stun, not kb.