questions about atma stash...


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questions about atma stash...

i was trying to find info on the unlimited atma stash. i've used atma some but was hoping someone could tell me how to use the stash so i dont loose my items. i know it seems silly to some but i feel like a total noob when using atma, it took me forever to just figure out how to get the char screens to show and i dont want to loose stuff by just experimenting with the stash feature.


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To prevent loss of items, make sure that under the 'Option' tab, the Auto Backup and Auto Save functions are checked.

In the character screen, also remember to take items out of the 'Buffer' area, or they will be lost when you close the screen.

Each and everyone of your stashes is unlimited, but the loading time becomes longer and longer with more items added. I usually limit each stash to no more than 500 items.


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Atma works fine when transfering items into stash and if something goes wrong, Atma creates auto-backups.
If you are asking for general help, you can find the guide linked from the first post of Atma/Flavie thread.
Also nect time, please post questions about Atma in that stickied thread.

Edit: And Frostburn is right, my set/uniques stash loads in 10 seconds :rolleyes: