Questions about armors and shields - affect on speed? ifra


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Questions about armors and shields - affect on speed?

Armors are divided into classes such as light, medium heavy and more, what effect does this have on the character (if any) does it affect the running speed like with shields? I can't find info about this at arreat summit so I thought I'd ask here...

Someone clarify please!


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Note that the speed penalty is Effective_FRW (like Skill_FRW), not Item_FRW which is subject to diminishing returns.

Going from light armor to heavy armor is not the same as going from 30% FRW boots to 20% FRW boots.

See here for more info. Even though it says 1.09d, it is valid for 1.11b


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Ok I see, thanks for the help! I like to run fast with my javazon, but now I have a medium armor but a light shield, 40FRW boots, titans 30FRW and valk wing 20FRW. Maybe I will make a Stealth runeword (+25%) in an archon plate to increase it even more :p And maybe buy that cats eye amu with 30% FRW. I'd run like hell... but this means I need a lot of resists and I don't afford anni or torch yet... Is it possible to get more FRW except for from charms? I mean rings, belt or gloves?


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erzk said:
Is it possible to get more FRW except for from charms? I mean rings, belt or gloves?
M'avina's Tenet belt (20%). No gloves or rings. It would probably be better to get an Act 1 merc with harmony for the Vigor Aura.


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Enigma Armor +45%
Gore Rider War Boots +30%
Shadow Dancer Myrmidon Greaves (Ladder Only) +30%
Silkweave Mesh Boots +30%
The Cat's Eye Amulet +30%
Titan's Revenge Ceremonial Javelin +30%
Treads of Cthon Chain Boots +30%
Stealth Armor +25%
Zephyr Missile Weapon +25%
War Traveler Battle Boots +25%
Hsarus' Iron Heel Chain Boots +20%
Iratha's Finery (3 items) +20%
Isenhart's Armory (Complete) +20%
M'avina's Tenet Sharkskin Belt +20%
Sigon's Sabot Greaves +20%
Boneflame Succubus Skull +20%
Crainte Vomir Espandon +20%
Gorefoot Heavy Boots +20%
Infernostride Demonhide Boots +20%
Marrowwalk Boneweave Boots +20%
Sandstorm Trek Scarabshell Boots +20%
Tearhaunch Greaves +20%
Tyrael's Might Sacred Armor (Ladder Only) +20%
Valkyrie Wing Winged Helm +20%
Waterwalk Sharkskin Boots +20%
Peasant Crown War Hat +15%
Blinkbat's Form Leather Armor +10%
Hawkmail Scale Mail +10%

this is a copypaste. I'm missing at least infi runeword

There is no affix for frw on rare/magic belts, rings and gloves


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Thanks for the list, however both Aldurs and IK boots have +40FRW, I'm thinking about the mavina belt, maybe =) But then it comes to the fact that playing with my barb after playing with my ama feels so SLOW T_T ... But running fast helps a lot and is fun =)