Questions about a kick Sin


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Questions about a kick Sin

Is there a major difference in shuriken damage in terms of BA and PB last wish?

Does this set up seem viable?
Guill helm
Ber SS?
Dusk Fort
Shadow Dancers
Nosferatus belt
(havent found any gloves)
Raven frost
(havent got a 2nd ring)

I will have fade from LW which will provide more DR.
I may have a little low resistances.

This is for pvm/ubers so I doubt I will be going for max block.

In the warrior monk guide, I could'nt get the IAS tables up because pages could not be displayed. Could some one tell me how much IAS I should have with a LWPB please?

Any answers/feedback/gear suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: Questions about a kick Sin

Get some resists... they are more important than 50% DR imo. Maybe Swap SS for Sanctuary, or simply swap that Ber for a PDiamond (Ber in SS = total waste).

Um your Guillaume's.

Why Dusk Fork? You need 156 str for SS (if you go SS, that is). Get something Beefier.

For second ring, try a dual leach/res ring. You need some mana for throwing those MBs and DSs around.

I also would've swapped Dancers for upp'ed Gores, but that may be just me.


Since you're doing Ubers, you MUST get high resists. Personal experience. DR don't help much in there, as physical damage is not the one one-shotting you.