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So the reasons I visited the forums is to exchange stories and ideas with many fellow DII gamers.
When I first started I knew next to nothing about DII so it was great to read the SPF guides and the class specific zon and necro forums and the stats forums where I learnt to improve my knowledge and understand just how complex this game is

I also value the possibility to trade, multi play and enter tourneys especially now the number of DII players has got smaller

What brought me back last year was the that knowledge about past version of the game and exploring the builds in these versions when i had the disc but not the knowledge to make effective builds

When I usually drop in periodically to see ideas are new and projects we try.


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In short:

Great community (friendly helpfull knowledgeable)
Item find thread

That is why i am here.


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I first came to these forums to read the vast amount of D2 knowledge it holds. I started on the EU forums, where I met tons of wonderful people, played a lot of pvp/multiplayer pvm games without having to go too much into the cesspool that is bnet.

Then as bnet ended up being 99% bots in ladder games and there was a cheater in just about every public PVP game I decided to play single player. I was very happy learning there was a nice community here, helpful people, lots of (lets face it) nerdy banter and fun tournaments/build ideas. I even got to pvp over here, though by then I was incredibly far behind some of the long time single player legends. Even more so since I decided to restart from scratch recently, and wanting to be as pure in my mind as possible, without trading.
I hope to be able to catch some pvp games again in time. Until then I am happy just posting my finds, joining the odd tournament, reading other people's fun build.
Like many others I cycle through other games but always get pulled back into D2 (and as such to these forums).

I think the item find thread is definitely something that keeps me going, both get the attention whoring that comes with a nice find as to find the motivation to maybe some day find a similar nice rare as some of the crazy items on here!


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I suppose I'm as much a part of the SPF as it is a part of me. It's not really about the game anymore, that's a fairly trivial part of why I feel like I belong here. No, it's older and deeper than that. Whether you know it or not, you all got me through depression, alcoholism (and sobriety), college, marriage, building my house, having my kid. The SPF is a tattoo on my life that I don't regret.


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I suppose I'm as much a part of the SPF as it is a part of me. It's not really about the game anymore, that's a fairly trivial part of why I feel like I belong here. No, it's older and deeper than that. Whether you know it or not, you all got me through depression, alcoholism (and sobriety), college, marriage, building my house, having my kid. The SPF is a tattoo on my life that I don't regret.
Pictures of the tatoo? (or am i too literal now?)


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I lurk and peruse here for the information. The amount of work this entire community has done towards "breaking" the game, is a bountiful resource. Also for the stories then. I enjoy watching people's progress through tournaments, and I sometimes experience some shared joy from an amazing find. I've never been super into PvP, having been bad at it, but I enjoy the info and stories from that category as well. When I could, I tried to partake in the community as well. Those times are long past, but I still feel a slight kinship. Makes the stories that much better.


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It is never too late to get involved in the community weezaard - get involved in a tournament, or just post your latest finds :D


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Talking about some other arpgs like PoE and Grim Dawn with someone else the other day, and how I like those a lot and think they are wonderful games, but yet it never takes long for me to leave them behind and get back to D2, made me realize just how important it is to have a community with which you can share your experiences, thoughts, ideas, ... with, which has things like tournaments and silly challenges to keep it interesting, ...

So yeah, that's definitely why I'm here. Obviously only because I can do the above with people who show a lot of respect for each other ...


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Agreed. I can't enjoy a game if I'm going at it solo. If there is no sense of community then I don't really get a sense of enjoyment. That's my problem with a lot of console games.


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I enjoy playing games solo, but I like to have a community to discuss the game with. For me, I always end up back here and playing D2. Even now when I've been struggling for time and putting my gaming time into Path of Exile, I'm still checking the forum, because it's just natural for me to do so. No game that I've played has had a community like this one.
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I'm going to be a bit lazy answering, like I was in most posts.

A couple of years after I joined the forums what made me continuing to come here was:
- The community
- PvPing
- Min-maxing PvP builds
- Which led me to time travel
- The IRC channel banter

These days:
- Nostalgia
- Waiting for something to trigger the "I must reinstall and play D2 again". But that seems hard, even a 1.07 Zod being found didn't make me go crazy in HC, like it did in the past to convince pharphis to trade stuff



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you can have the 1.07 zod for a HC Jo, cham and Ber in 1.07 ;)

That ought to bring you back. Certainly doable


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Who else is going to care if I play through the game with stupid runewords, or attempt a Naked Guardian, or find a new Superchest rune pattern?

Where else can I find someone dropping legit Zod runes into otherwise non-endgame unique weapons, or playing to level 99 without an extended stash, or running MF targets faster than a bot, or repeatedly defeating the game via single pass full clears with ridiculous gimping rules?

This is just hands down the best legit Diablo 2 community (I honestly don't know if any others are still alive). I first made an account here in 1999, waiting for Diablo 2's release. I remember checking for every little nugget of game information on the run up to release. It was really great how Blizzard interact with fansites back in those days. I remember concept art releases and in game screenshots, new monsters, the body part crafting system they eventually axed. I forgot the password to that account during a hiatus starting roughly around 2003 if I had to guess. When I picked up the game again in 2006 or so, I just couldn't tolerate the Bnet crowd. While MPing had always been fun, by then it had devolved into spending more time trying to find decent pub runs. And once in them there was hardly anything to do as everyone was overgeared with duped/boted items. After making a Singer Barb that's only role seemed to be horking corpses after cow runs, I felt that I wasn't really enjoying the game too much anymore. Then I came to the SPF and really loved the tournament concept, and greatly enjoyed those when I had more free time to play. Ramping up the difficulty kind of makes the game feel more like the original Diablo in a way. Strategy then becomes a lot more about survival, and not so much about efficiency as you have with MFing etc. Single pass nature also makes things feel more like living off the land, and individual drops carry a lot more weight. After 1.13 came out, all of the "never in a million years" runewords became available and so I've spent more playing time goofing around with runewords I never thought I'd make. This has ended up a lot better for minimal playing time that inevitably happens as life's priorities change. But I still want to get back to tournies eventually.


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I am here for a number of reasons, most of them have already been said. I'd like to reiterate that the people here are what make it special to me. One thing that I most enjoy is reading about others whom have discovered something in this game, not necessarily new content, but a new way of combining items to get a different result, or a different kind of adventure. Even reading about cookie cutter builds like a wind druid or a trap assassin is neat to me as I hadn't tried them for myself before.

I too struggled in the earlier years, and remembered going against Andariel and Duriel for the first time and just getting owned... and in Normal difficulty. Hell was way off, and I remember if I'd ever get to that point. It was a few of my friends whom played this game before me that got me into it, and I remember one being particularly generous and giving me a Shael rune for the Melody runeword. Of course that was back in BNet days. I liked playing with them online, but maintaining mules for items that I wanted to use on other characters started to ruin the fun for me, along with PKs and other immature people found on bnet. It was a google search that led me here, and I'm very glad it did. I remember when 1.10 came out, and how monumental of a shift in how the game was played it was. This is really when I started my SP career, along with stumbling across this forum and subsequently ATMA. From here I read as much as I could on the game from this forum. Hrus's guide on how the drop mechanics worked (item generation tutorial if I recall correctly) was the first bit of information that got me hooked on really learning more about this game. Reading Nightfish's sept. journey got me interested in playing other types of characters, Dune6836's "Quest for BER" thread got me interested in rune word goals and running projects like the grail. All the build guides and discussions...furthering my knowledge on how the game works - FCR/FHR breakpoints, diminishing returns on MF, discovering why LK chests are different than other chests, GoMule, mod to allow bnet only runewords in SP, RFL and MFO, tournaments, fact that there is a grail thread and the quest for 99 thread...all thing that kept me coming back. These are the reasons I'm here.
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