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I'm a long-time Necro player who has finally accepted my build can't solo in Hell {sob, sob...okay moving on}

I'm a noob with Assassins, and I have a question: Are Blade Fury/Blade Shield viable options in Hell? I read somewhere that crushing blow/open wound etc. modifyers do work with these skills, and I'm wondering if something like Durress is necessary to make the skills viable, or if I should just forget them...



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The easiest build to solo in hell is a trapper.

Trappers are very easy to get through normal and nm. You let your traps do all of the work for you and you dont take any risks. Like droping your traps ahead at the edge of the screen so they kill off screen and so they shoot around corners. You watch the trap to see if it fires at a bad guy and then reinforce with other traps if needed. Once you have your LS trap powerful enought you don't fight.

In hell you have problems as there are lots of Light Immunes (LI) and your main trap is lighning based. You have to do something different to take care of them.

When there are non-LI intermixed with the LIs you can carefully place your LS traps to kill a non-LI and have Death Sentry (DS) traps kill the LIs with corpse explode. This will not work when you are faced with only LI. You have to have some other way to kill them or at least get 1 corpse so DS traps can rip up the rest.

Generally, the following are possiblities:

1) Use Fire Blast (FB)
2) Use Dragon Talon (DT) and Dragon Flight (DF)
3) Use your merc and Shadow Master (SM)

I was not that happy with #3 when I tried it as the merc and SM took naps at critical moments. :sad2:

I tried #2 and #3 together and found that the combination works pretty good. Just make sure you have good defense, block and resistances because you get in close combat with the bad ones.

I have not tried it, but some people advocate using Fire Blast (FB) and Death Sentry (DS) to deal with the lightning immunes. It synergizes with your lighning based traps and you can get a lot of damage.

If you elect to make a sin that does melee you will want to have crush blow as it kill a fraction of the bad guys life each time you hit. For example, the ubers might have a life of 65,000. It could take for evert to wittle away at him if you just do normal damage. On the other hand, crush blow will wack off 1/8 or so of his life each hit so he will die much faster.

Good sources of crush blow are:

1) Strength runeword
2) Black runeword
3) Guill. Face helm
4) A number of unique weapons such as heaven's light and stormlash.

Hope this helps, Kull