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RebirthOfMak said:
Doe any1 know if rd are on classic like ladder??
Realm down? If you are in a game which lags, most or some may lag, or all will lag - perhaps the blizzard server or perhaps the next connecting server has left the game in limbo, you are often given a 5 minute penalty where u cant create or enter a game. Also, if u switch between chars on an acct rapidly, say u are just logging in on them to avoid deletion, u may be bumped from bnet and unable to log in again, sometimes for more than 5 min. You will hit the button to connect to bnet and it just wont connect, it does some rapid thingee on the menu, as if u are being punished.

It's some sort of anti-duping measure I guess. Realm down msgs seem to be rarer these days. And we all know its a phony msg. Sometimes, tho, there is a real 'realm down'. Back in the heyday, u would often be directed unknowingly to a split realm, with a game list of other 'felons'. You couldnt join a game with ur other friends. It was all ultra bizarre and hurt playing in classic cuz so few games up anyways....


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No. On exp if you enter and exit games to quickly you get rd i was wondering if this applys with classic too.



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i'm learning how to be a programmer and the realm down issue sounds like a server side check that would be very very easy to apply to all realms and all varieties of play.

it also seems like there is no advantage to singling out xpac with it.

so it would be my guess that it is there on classic.


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It is on classic, and the realm down feature was added in the middle of ladder season 2 as a safe gaurd against botters. If it makes u angry try waiting in line to create a game for 2 hrs... thats how bad it was at the begining of ladder due to people botting and truthfully it is annoying but I don't blame blizzard a bit. It shows that they actually care which is somthing that makes me feel good inside like a marshmellow...


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Now before I say this ... don't get me wrong. I think Blizzard is a pretty good game maker ... they have their faults, but the official Blizzard posters I've seen on the bnet forums are quite decent people, and the fact that they still actively support Diablo II (and WC3) after such a long time is a relative rarity in the gaming industry (only Bioware comes to mind among other companies that actively support their products for such a long time) ...

However, I think the line crisis that precipitated RD had not just to do with botters (which are bad in any case, and without which, the server load would quite possibly decrease the point where RD's are no longer needed), but also a series of Blizzard decisions in 1.10 that, while great in an ideal world, simply do not jibe with the realities of the bnet environment :/

Again, too, I'm not trying to be an apologist for botters and other lowlifes. I dislike them heavily (though like everyone else, I have virtually no choice when trading but to accept the possibility that what I trade for might have been found by a bot), and like most legit players I wish they would be gone for good. I am simply noting factors which conspired IMO to produce the RD situation that we have now.

Let's see.

* First of all, the fact that no matter what Blizz does, there will be botters creating a lot of games and thus taking up a lot of the server's load capacity. There's just no way around it, really. Since the behavior of a bot is designed to mimic that of a legitimate human, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the bot authors in an automated fashion without the upshot being that legitimate humans trying to find items are caught up in bans as well.

About the only way I can see of eradicating bots in a really effective way, would be for Blizzard to adopt something similar to VAC. VAC, if you are unfamiliar, is the Valve Anti-Cheat, a system used by Valve (makers of the Half-Life series) to automatically ban detected cheaters from play on anticheat-secured servers (in particular, CounterStrike was in need of such a system, as pre-Steam CS was rife with hackers). VAC is pretty much infallible. It checks you for cheats. It finds a cheat, you're banned, first time for a year, second time forever. From all Steam powered multiplayer games on anticheat servers, mind you, not just CS. And it won't ban you for activity patterns alone (the way RD does), if you get banned by VAC, it means you were caught red-handed with a known hack on your computer.

Unfortunately, a system like this would require some considerable R&D, as well as, certainly, a 1.11; at this point in D2's life cycle, I don't know if Blizzard would really want to go to this investment :/ It has also occurred to me that a VAC like system would probably be extremely Draconian in some ways, for instance, since mod tools could be construed to be against the EULA, despite the fact that mods are much enjoyed by the community (and Blizzard does not show any particular desire to shut modders down), I have a feeling that having mod tools or, perhaps, if you accidentally logged onto Bnet with a SP mod installed, you might trigger the hackdetector. Remember that VAC, the model we're discussing, is considered infallible, and bans from it are never rescinded. You want to appeal? In Valve's case, the appeal mechanism's called buying a new copy of the game with a new CD key and getting a new STEAM account :)

* 1.10 only made the item problem worse, because many characters (especially physical oriented ones) need much higher grade gear to make it on Hell difficulty than they did in 1.09. Without a "uber godly", to use the D2 vernacular, weapon to keep up with increased monster life and regen rates, and appropriate gear for Attack Rating so that they can connect against increased monster DR, meleers are practically reduced to a meat shield role for the party. Understandably, hardly anyone wants to be a pure tank who can't really kill; such characters do not tend to be popular except in such cases as traditional MMOs with their military-unit like structure where the front liners are basically expected to accept this role, while spellcasters do the real killing. D2 is not such a game, however. I don't know about others, but a character who cannot hold his or her own and kill a reasonable percentage of monsters (there's always some you can't touch, of course) on Hell, is something of an anathema to me when creating a character :)

* Diablo Clone and its implications. To me, it really seems that the World Event system was not especially well thought out. First, the fact that it relies on the sales of Stones of Jordan pretty much rewards those who produced and stockpiled illicit SOJs (it is essentially impossible to find sufficient SOJs legit to trigger the WE). Second, a separate-server system rather than a realm-wide system is bad, because it encourages people to enter and leave games for no better purpose than to be on the right server that is most likely to produce a DClone, increasing server load. While this is mostly a LOD thing (DClone does spawn in Classic, but drops nothing), it is a realm thing and affects everyone.

* Ladder.

I think the single worst factor that contributed to the lines was ladder. Well, not so much Ladder Characters themselves. I think the idea of a separate, semiregularly resetting trade economy is a good thing, as it allows for fresh starts that are free of the inevitable illicit items that accumulate over time. What really sparked the line problem though, I believe was the various changes that surrounded Ladder becoming a more prominent part of the game.

First, the fact that in order "to make Ladder meaningful", it was made that much more difficult to level at high levels and reach level 99. Now it is pretty much a pipe dream to get there in Classic (Hell Diablo's level boost to 94, on the one hand makes the old RUSSBarb/GERBarb strategy a viable notion - as there is only the exp nerf for being super high level, since 98 is close enough to 94 that the mlvl/clvl nerf is not effective - but on the other hand, try this and you WILL get RD from joining/leaving all those games :mad: ), and even in Expansion, it involves creating thousands of separate games.

Moreover, the introduction of real-life prizes for ladder, producing a craze to get to 99 first, only exacerbates the problem, because people create those games with reckless abandon because they need them out of motivation to win the prize, to get something that matters in real life rather than just the game. (It's this same tangible material motivation - though in the form of items, rather than levels - that promotes botters, too. Basically, the lesson here is that video games should remain just what they are, a diversion, something to get away from real life for a while, and attempting to meld them with real life very often results in not so good consequences)

Essentially, RD is a symptom of a Bnet 'nervous breakdown' with many causes. I applaud Blizzard's decisions to try to make D2 more popular, and to crack down on cheaters (and hacked items), but the fact is, these decisions are in serious need of ironing out :/