Question regarding leap


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Question regarding leap

Hi all,

I have started a bva ww barb, maxed ax mastery, BO, ww and shout. Now lv80 and my equipment is as follows:

helm: arreat
ammy: Angelic/highlord
armor: fort/enigma
weapon: greif/beast/doom/cta/shield (depending of the type of duel)
glove: dracula
boot: gorerider
belt: dungo/arachnid
ring: angelic/raven/fcr ring

ok, here's the question. What skill do I put in now? I was thinking bout leap, so can any1 confirm the skill lv required for efficient leap ie. a good stun radius. Or should I spread remaining pts in natural resist, stone skin, increase speed (i heard there's so much in inc speed that u should put in, above that there's a bad influence on ww).Thanx in advance.



Probably just for prebuff.

Put 15 points in leap, that will give you full screen leap (to corners) with pretty much any decent gear setup.


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Thanx for the replies all!

yea, the cta is for warcries prepuff, i went cta zerker+doom as warcry prepuffs. Coz in pubs there's so many ppl that try to kill u when u're boing, and its always nice to freeze'em just in case they want to have a go at ya.

and regarding leap, by adding more pts in leap, do u get a wider knockback radius? ie. u could knock them bk at range 5 for example compared to knockback at range 3. <= these r just made up figures

Cheers all!