question regarding large charms


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question regarding large charms

Are there any large charms that have good trade value? I know there are certain small charms (20 life, 7 MF charms, among others) and grand charms (skillers, baal/nith GC's, etc.) that have trade value. Seems to me most LC stats fall in between the SC's and GC's. For example, it would be better to have 2 - 20 life SC's than 1 - 35 life LC. Your thoughts?


Re: question regarding large charms

LC = pretty low value

9 skiller and torch -> room only for 1 lc
9 skiller and torch -> room for 11 sc

But life mana 60+ got high value and so do fhr @res have some value

Like I got 8 fhr [email protected] lc and 30 life 25 mana lc, which both are pretty good..
ofc 2x 5 fhr [email protected] or 2x 20l 17m scs would be a lot better, but they are expensive

2x sc is always better than 1x lc, there's only 1 exeption, dex and str lcs
2x sc got 2x2, 1x lc got 1x5 str / dex. So they are something worth when they are combo like 5 str [email protected]

Thats my opnion.

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Re: question regarding large charms

5 dex, str LC's with good second mod can be worth a bit to the right person, even plain they beat the sc & gc equilivant.

GF also beats sc and GC, but is rarely traded.

Very high poison damage or other high elem damage might also be worth something. Of course can't forget res all LC's.

They are all good, but harder to trade and only really worth something to the right person.

I usually have 1 part time pvm char eqiuped with LC's only and i always keep an eye out for good dirt cheap LC's.

Not much demand = not much ttade value.


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Re: question regarding large charms

also the 15 life req lvl 9 large charms are valued for lld.