Question regarding hell at lvl 1-3

Question regarding hell at lvl 1-3

I read a topic concerning spam bot chars getting to hell at like lvl 1-5 or so. And while absolutely detesting spam bots it did make me wonder about the possibility of using them to get the hellforge runes and sockets for my other chars. :scratch: How do you get past the baal quest without doing the ancients is my main question.

I appreciate all the input.


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its a trick

of sumone is in ur party while u kill baal for quest(and they are in town)

they will get quest


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ryshenron's answer could be unclear
so here is what you do:
1. join a game where someone is beating baal for the quest (ie the quest isn't already done)
2. party
3. stand in town while they kill baal

this would be very hard to do with rushing yourself since you would need a character that needs to complete all those baal quests.