question. PvM Trapsin Help


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question. PvM Trapsin Help

hey guys.. i wanna make a PvM trapsin. i've never made one before but they seem fun. so help please? i looked thru the guides already.. only layouts for pvp trapsins or they are hybrids. i wanna make one thats pure lightning. help please? i need everything.. equipment layout..skill distribution.. all that good stuff.. also.. am i supposed to wear 2 +3 death sentry claws or just hoto? yeaah help please!


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well my sin right now is more a less a PvM, not sure if i built it right, but it does its job.

i maxed LS then synergies and FB for those pesky immunes.
my gear is.
2/100life/30ias/30res Circ
2x 2sin3LS 1soc (1 with 45ias/15res and 1 with a 5/5 firefacet to help FB lol)
Gothic Enigma
15/15 treks

i do about 12k LS and 6.5k Fireblast.

i can Hell rush fairly easily.