question on wws sockets


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question on wws sockets

I do not have lum to "up" the bow yet, and damage is scarce. I found a plus 27 max jewel, should i put that and shael in wws or just stick with my 2 shael plan? I am only wearing 10 ias from bloodfist and 20 ias from twitch. Should i even consider putting the jewel in twitch in order to save the sockets for shaels?

Another question, when you "up" armor or weapon or whatever, do you lose anything you have socketed in it? In other words, should i shael the wws now, or wait until i have up'ed it?



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when you up it doesn't matter, all that you changed stay, so the sockets aswell.

Personally I'd put two sheals in it, or perhaps 15/40 jewels. You a lot of speed, 86% atleast if you use strave. You need to hit the /2 breakpoint to trigger the amp damage as often as possible.

Have a look in the guide, if you haven't already, it might be of good use.


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Socketing WWS

If you currently have 30% IAS, I believe you would need 30 more for 9/3 strafe vs your current 10/3 and 35 more for normal 9 attack speed vs your current 11 (see for more info on bow IAS info). Thus, either I would 'shael/shael' the bow or if you have 15% ias jewel, you could put that in the armor and that would mean only one shael needed in the bow leaving one socket open for a Nef (knockback), damage jewel, etc.

It doesn't matter if you up the bow before or after putting stuff in sockets. They won't disappear unless you 'hel' the bow.


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The jewel you have (27damage) should be worth a lot, maybe even enough to get you a windforce if you want an upgrade in damage.

Just another look on the matter, look up the IAS tables to see if 2*shael is worth it for you if you want to keep the witchwild string