Question on weapons for a PvP fury/rabies wolf

Mr Pato

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Question on weapons for a PvP fury/rabies wolf

Eth tomb reaver is the best 2 handed weapon, right? That is really hard to find. How much would one cost on West Ladder?
Also, how does a non-eth tomb reaver compare to an ebotd great poleaxe? Which is better and by how much?
How much should I pay for a 3os 270/47 non-eth tomb reaver?

Also for 1 handed, do you prefer ebotdz or grief pb? If you use both, in what situations are they both used.


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There are ALOT of people waiting to buy a nice 3os eth tomb reaver on West Ladder. I've heard offers of 20hrs+ for a midrange one. Wouldn't be surprised if it went alot higher due to rarity of anyone actually selling/finding one.

Non-eth tomb reavers are nice but ebotd gpa blows it away by alot. I'd pay max 1 maybe 2hr for good Non-eth one but you might as well use those hrs to make ebotdgpa.

As for 1h, its really personal preference between ebotdz and grief pb. Range vs extra damage. Grief pb is a great weapon overall but ebotdz really shines vs barbs imo. Can't really go wrong with either and if you have room in stash, I'd have both on hand.