Question on upping items


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Question on upping items

If i socket an um in my arreat face will it disappear when i up it? Also how much str req will an up arreat require? Thanks.


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Firstly an upped Arreat Face strength requirement will go from 118 str (Slayer Guard) to 196 str (Guardian Crown).

Secondly, yes, the Um rune will still remain after using the Upgrade recipe:

Arreat summit said:
1 Ko Rune + 1 Lem Rune + 1 Perfect Diamond + Exceptional Unique Armor = Elite Version of Armor (Ladder Only)

This formula changes the base item type from the exceptional to elite version. For example Ghost Armor is turned into a Dusk Shroud. This does NOT convert the item to the Elite Unique version of the Unique Item. Unique item bonuses remain the same; only the item it's based on is upgraded. This can be used to upgrade Ethereal Items also. They will continue to be Ethereal after they are upgraded. You cannot do this formula unless you are using a Ladder Character. Also if the item is socketed, then jewels or runes and their mods will also remain. Armor refers to any sort of armor, including helms, boots, belts, gloves and shields, not just body armor


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Orphan said:
No, set items cannot be upgraded
if it could... aldurs weapon (if i'm not mistaken is exceptional, not elite), might be worth upping for the added damage, and THUS the set MIGHT be worth having... but alas... no