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Question on Tesladin weapon

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by loyalpeon, May 30, 2008.

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    Question on Tesladin weapon

    Right, so as my brand new HC Tesladin (planned: 20 holy shock, res lightning, holy shield, zeal) was gaining a few levels before braving nightmare, the following little number dropped for me: 3soc, +3holy shock grand scepter. Which got me thinking about his weapons.

    Currently he's using a 'Holy Thunder' divine scepter, which is serving him quite well for the moment, and will probably last him well into nightmare, but it's not really end game material (perhaps had the staff mods been better than +to vigor, conversion and salvation...).

    Now, for end game gear i was thinking that there are a few top and affordable options: heavens light (CB), Crescent moon (-l.res) and Lawbringer (decrep, sanctuary + some [non-light] ele damage). As you can tell, I'm leaning towards the latter as the weapon of choice and am intrigued by the grand scepter. So, questions:

    1. If I go lawbringer, will the loss of life leach be made up by the juicy goodies that it provides (including quassy IM immunity)?

    2 Assuming I go pure Tesladin as indicated above and with the low physical damage lawbring brings to the table, will i need more gear (treachery/lavagout perhaps) elemental damage to have any effect against light immunes?

    3. Will the lost speed (40 between phase and g.scepter) hurt me a lot more than the +3 h.shock will help me? Checking a speed calculator I'd need ~90 ias to hit 5frame zeal with the g.scepter (doable with, say, treachery/gout/IAS helm/nosferatu), and ~75 to hit 4frame with the phase. Is that 1frame worth the loss in skills, basically?


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