question on rare and crafted items


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question on rare and crafted items

can rare and crafted items spawn with mods having high lvl charges of certain skills?

eg:lvl 16 bone prison (30/30 charges)


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the only necro charges i have ever seen that were bone skills one those items were bone spears and bone spirits.


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I don't think they get that high ... usually only up to level 3 or so. Fissure, Bone Spear, Dim Vision, Teleport ...


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Taken from, the way to calculate charges is as folllows:
This is for items with the "charged" mod, I have yet to look at the 3 hitskill mods.
First, if "max" is 0, then it does:

slvl = (X + (ilvl - reqlvl) / 4) + 1

X = 3 if ilvl - reqlvl < 0, else 0
reqlvl is the reqlvl from skills.txt

Then it checks if the slvl is at least 1, and 20 or less and modifies it according to that (so it will be a value from 1 to 20).

If "max" is a negative value, it does:

slvl = (ilvl - uselvl) / neg(99 - uselvl / max)

99 - uselevel is always at least 1. It also makes sure that neg(99...) is at least 1 before the division.
uselvl is the highest of reqlvl from skills.txt and level from affix.txt.

Now it only checks if it is at least 1, no upper cap.

After it calculates slvl, it gets number of charges:

num_charges = (neg(min) * slvl) / 8 + neg(min)

min is just the value from min column in affix.txt. num_charges is then capped at 255. It then calculates the charges left when spawned:

spawn_charges = 1 + (num_charges / 8) + rnd[num_charges - (num_charges / 8)]