Question on HR's


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Question on HR's

I play useast ladder.

I've heard that on ladder Vex, Ohm, Lo, Sur, Ber, Jah, Cham, and Zod (basically Vex+) are the high runes.

But I've also heard for example that Cham Sur and Zod aren't as valued (or sought after) as the others. Leaving Vex, Ohm, Lo, Ber, Jah.

So are some of the "HR" more valued than others or not? I'm relatively poor and I don't want to trade something and get a Sur or Chame, then turn around and not be able to get what I want with it.

So if someone here can confirm or deny the "some are worth less" and/or tell me which of the HR's are best to trade in, I'd appreciate it.

<prays he got the right forum this time>


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Well, the value of the rune is determined by who you're trying to sell it to, but there does seem to be some sort of general consensus about what is worth what - I don't know myself, but I'm sure someone will tell you.


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yes it seems like right now people are not taking sur cham and zod as hrs. also mal and ist are supposed be worth an hr.


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The prices are so low that people are looking for runes they can actual use.

Look at the most common "high-end" rw's and you will see why some are more sought after than others (also the reason why mal is trade as hr on US-servers)

If you are patient though you should be able to find someone who will trade Sur, Zod, and Cham as any other hr


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IMO on the east ladder Ist and Mal are worth more than Vex, Ohm, Lo, Ber, Jah, and folks actually trade UM and GUL for HRs


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I think someone said the reason why this happens is there s allways a chance to get up to Gul in a legit way from forges. So there isnt so much paranoia about runes like Mal, Um, Pul, Ist, Gul. Anything beyond that is supposedly duped specially Zod and Cham that are nearly impossible to find and take so long to cube.
As already said in this thread Ber and Jah are probably the most common hrs used in words so they trade fast but Zod and Cham are harder, you need to find someone who needs those in particular.


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I dont really care about trading for runes since they are more likley than not duped and bought online.


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it is all about usablility.

there are only a few rune words that use sur and they aren't that great. or are very specific to certain people. zod is only used in 1 rune word and cham has a couple but not many.

um, ist, pul, mal vex, jah, ber are used in a majority of rune words that is why they are used so often and valuable.

CTA and hoto use a majority of those runes to create. of course nigma and coh is there as well.

personally i do not see it possible to get jah or ber in game. there is just no way to do it. i have been playing for 3 years and highest rune i have found was an ist rune.

only runes i see now drop are dol sol and amn.


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I would prefer having a Mal/Um/Ist over a HR since the probability of it being legit is a lot higher, as they can drop from Hellforge.

On USEast Non Ladder Zod, Cham or Sur are simply untradable, while Mal, Um and Ist are worth a lot (especially Ist).


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Thanks for all the advice guys(and girl?). I'm not a big fan of runes either, I'd rather have a grandfather or a windforce than a Ebotz cb or faith. I mostly trade like pgems for an ohm or Lo, then turn the runes into what I want (which those happen to get turned into Jah Ber for a +770 def Dusk Enigma :D).

Mostly I just wanted to know for instances when I find desired things I don't need, so I know which "high runes" to accept so that I'll get what I want asap.

Thanks again for the help.