Question on Elemental Difference in Skeleton Mages

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Question on Elemental Difference in Skeleton Mages

What type of skeleton mages are the best? Fire does decent and steady damage, Lightning does arbitrary damage but has potential to hit higher damages in a single hit, Cold has a great slowing effect that I noticed increases the survivability of the entire army, and Poison is only good for bosses.

Would an all Cold combination would be best for defense, and an all Fire, all Lightning, or a Fire/Lightning combo be best for offense? What about Fire/Cold or Lightning/Cold? How much of each element should you put in proportion with the others?

Any damage has the potential to stun if it does 1/12 of the target's HP. Does this mean that Lightning mages are promising in having the potential to stun if they hit near or at max damage?

Or would you say that because mages do not do much damage, it does not matter anyway?


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I really wouldn't bother the detail, I just keep whatever I raised as I really dun notice much difference.


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mages, to me, are just support and extra bodies between me and the enemy.i do not think any group would be better than another.also you would have to take the time to raise exactly what you wanted since the raising is would have to summon then unsummon what you didnt want and keep doing it till you got your mix.


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Unsummon all but 1 poison, and simply keep the rest. Unsummon the cold too if they shatter too many bodies.

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I like to keep a Poison mage or two around to prevent healing and an Ice mage or two for crowd control. I don't bother with micromanaging the other two types of actual damage. Theoretically you could get the most out of an all Lighting damage force.

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Sorting through Magi to get the ones you want is usually too much fuss to really worry about, especially considering you need to do it every game.

I never keep more than 2 Poison Magi around, because that means less of the other types, and thus less damage overall. Conversely, I always keep at least 1 around for the near-10-minute PMH effect.

I actually prefer a few Cold mages around, a few shattered corpses isn't going to hurt too much. The slow effect, combined with Decrepify and/or Clay Golem makes traversing a much safer experience.

As for the rest... Fire or Lightning, is doesn't matter too much. My Fire Magi (at level 36/38) do 350 damage on average, and Lightning do about 55-560 damage (~305 avg). Both are fine.


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Go for 1-2 poison, 1-2 cold, and let the rest comprise of fire and lightning. Fire does more damage on average, yet lightning does better max damage, so they are both fine. If you want more defense thrown in and dont mind the occasional frozen corpse.