Question on calculating the final damage for venom in pvp


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Question on calculating the final damage for venom in pvp

uhm can someone run the numbers and give me an example?


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Level 40 venom = 1085 avg psn damage over .4 seconds

Let's say I'm wearing trangs for their +25% to psn skill.
This get's me the bonus on cast of: 1085 x 1.25 = 1356 over .4 sec
And the bonus on application of: 1356 x 1.25 = 1695 over .4 sec

Finally, add in the hell poison length reduction penalty of -100%.
This get's me: 3390 over .8 seconds

Now figure the 1/6 PvP penalty: 3390/6 = 565 actual pvp psn damage over .8 sec for each application

Assume 75% res (generous since most people tend to somewhat neglect psn...): 565 x .25 = 141 psn damage over .8 seconds

So, level 40 venom get's me 141 psn damage in hell vs. someone with 75% res., basically per application, even if kicking/whirlwinding (since you don't land all your kicks/ww's/etc. due to chance-to-hit, block, etc.). This number obviously goes up dramatically as enemy psn res goes down.


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It's the same all around. Feel free to do testing. (Btw, big fan of your WW tests.)

My hunch is that the 1/4 is either old news from .09, or the PLR penalty in NM/Hell threw off the testing. The PLR penalty is the same as the resistance penalty in both. That is why the damage and length were doubled for Hell.