question for other PvP barbs


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question for other PvP barbs

my PvP barb is an all around dueler, so he will duel every class. I want to be pretty balanced so i want to ask other pure pvp barbs what your resistences are.


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If you want to be able to duel every class, be ready to get max or even sometimes OVER max resist in hell mode (depends on where u duel; whether it's pubbies, or legit private game in nightmare). Stacking resistance against a certain element would really help against classes such as FoH paladins, or Cold Sorceresses.


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Being my barb is mostly made to fight all classes EXCEPT barbs, (tho he can fair with them np, and kill non-godly ones),when I fight most sorcs/assasins I use
Mosers 2/PDiamonds
Annuilus charm

I got 75 resits in everything except lightning, and its lvl 85. With 20% absorb to lighting, and 15% fire absorb
This also includes the anya quests completeted.
And I clicked Natural resits once.

most sorcs cannot even come close to killing me, with the exception to firesorcs, none can absorb, use speed to kill them, and blizzards sorcs, just keep moving in big figure 8's.
Assasisns, I can tell when there is a good one, but otherwise, they heal me.
A zonz lighning attack..puulease
FOH..still is a problem, I can take like most barbs, 1-3 hits be4 i die. Still hard to kill. Would nee alot of absorb there.


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Actually, no. For FOH Pallys, you probably just need a Thundergod's Vigor belt and you'll be fine. All you have to do to negate FoH Paladins is to stack on on Lightning resists. Small charms, shields socketed with resist lightning stuff, etc.


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my barb prety much destroys anything except for good tele necros and bh pallys. Other than that, the rest is WW placement and gear. I have special gear for certain classes. For foh i have 4 ort balrog and 4 ort monarch+tgods. Originally he uses arreats, eth valor, ss, verdungos, highlords, eth botd cb, gores, steelrend, and 2 ravens. If someone brings in a caster, i just switch to cats eye amulet for faster running and if its fire related i throw on loh gloves. For really tough customers like sorcs obsessed with tele and asns with maximum run speed, i bring in 175 pdlcs+widowmaker ward bow. Focus on 1 character for pvp and aqcuire items for certain pvp situations where you are lacking.