Question for all you water polo players out there


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Question for all you water polo players out there

Hi, I was thinking about joining my high school water polo team next fall. However, I just have one concern. I wear contact lenses and I was wondering if theres any harm wearing them while in the water.

I called 2 eye doctors, one said that I shouldn't wear them but another said that it should be ok. So I was wondering anyone out there knows if there's any harm or not wearing contacts while playing water polo. Thanks!
i have absolutely no experience with water polo but i know:

contacts are fine for casual swimming if you wear goggles
contacts are fine for casual swimming if you dont open your eyes underwater :O

maybe contacts are ok even if you do open your eyes, ive never tried though. ;)

however the physicallity involved in water polo may make it difficult .. then again basketball players and other athletes wear them. water polo is just combining intense sports and water. =o

i vote that its ok (i wear contacts so i have some experience)


Hmmm, do you get underwater a lot playing? If not, it should be ok.
However, you gotta wear goggles, so wouldn't the lack of air inside and the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the goggles make your contacts very uncomfortable?


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i hate wearing contacts swimming cuz they move around in the water to my experience. It's irritating

i dont play water polo because of taht, i use prescription goggles, but goggles arent allowed



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i dont find it very irratating wearing goggles with contacts but goggles arent allowed in water polo.

still waiting for an answer from someone who is sure. :thumbsup:

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I wouldn't wear contacts during water polo.

How bad is your eyesight? You could try playing without contacts and see if that works.


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I wore them while playing water polo while in HS. (Yes I'm old, but we had soft contacts back then too.)

They're ok most of the time. I got problems with the splashing part more than the swimming part. While swimming you just close your eyes. But there's a lot of splashing going on, and unless you want to get pop in the face with the ball, you have to keep your eyes open. And that's when splashing knocks the contacts around.

Just get daily disposible ones. Go to Cosco. They're pretty cheap nowadays.


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well, a water polo question. i love it.

i say wear the contacts. there is a chance they could fall out but since people don't really try to crack you in the head with the ball i think you'll be alright.


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ok thx for the replies! my eye sight isnt that great (genetics thing mostly) so playing without contacts is not a possiblity for me.