Question about WW Druid..


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Question about WW Druid..

I had a pure summoner/elementalist back in 1.09 when their best purpose seemed to be the punchline for many jokes. Anyway, I decided (since my barb just is NOT cutting it in Hell) to try a WW finally (yes. I've owned the game for years and never once made a shapeshifter)..

Anyway, I was wondering if this was still a viable build for 1.10.. mostly for soloing hell and MFing later on.

Raven, Spirit/Dire Wolves, Grizzly-1
Oak Sage-20
Carrion Vine-1

This leaves a handful of points left over for whatever I wanna throw them into at the end but would they be better off elsewhere? I'm not going for a Rabies WW (since it's probably just me but poison isn't as effective in Hell). So I guess of the above mentioned skills, if there's anything I should switch/drop I'd appreciate any advice, esp. since reaching 99 is tougher in 1.10. :)

Also, as for stats.. focus on Str/Vit to about 200-300 with leftovers into Dex and NRG base? I haven't picked out specific gear yet but I'll worry about that as I go along (since finding stuff is what keeps it fun for me instead of having my entire rigged planned from clvl1).


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Welcome to the Druid Forum!!! :D :D :D

Good luck hitting 99 ;)

It's great you want to make a Werewolf! You'll do well with it if you get a good weapon and play it well.

Of the skills you put out there, I'd recommend not maxing Feral Rage, or at least, maxing it last. 1-5 points is usually enough, and you can spend those extra points in some quality meat shields or something instead.

You don't really need to max Werewolf either, ironically. All it effectively adds at the higher levels is AR, and Werewolves have plenty of that. I'd suggest adding points in WW only as you need the AR. 5-10 is often enough! (I sound like a medical ad)

So with extra points you might save from those, I would get some more points into Dire Wolves to make your Grizzly live longer, or more points into the Grizzly itself to give it higher damage. Those minions can help out a lot, although they require a pretty big investment to be able to kill much alone. If they can take pressure off of you, that's good. But it's up to you.

On a side not, one point in Cyclone Armor can help a lot. For two points wasted, though, it's up to you whether the absorbed damage is worthwhile.

Good luck, have fun!!


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Hey thanks for the welcome and the suggestions. :)

I'll definitely follow that advice and keep WW/Feral @ 5 and just stick with +to items. Do you have any s_lvl suggestions on dire/grizzly? I'm guessing maybe just put enough into them, then once my other skills are maxed, just dump any leftovers into them?
my biggest question is: are you ever planning to pvp?

if not and you want to just rip pvm to shreds, i can give ya some advice there, too.

also: will you be playing untwinked, or do you have a nice cache of items laying around to equip him with - and also are they high level or what?

Common advice - getting the wolf skill to level 10 at base is probobly a good idea. Always max lycanthropy. Never put more than a single point into feral rage - even at slvl 1 it will allow you to leech enough life back to live forever like a golden god - but yr obviously gonna have some +skills right?

straight up PvM the best spirit to have is Oak Sage.

if we were talking pvp I would definately tell you to go with HoW as the amount of life gained is not as important as hitting those friking conc barbs and high def pallys.

one thing you might have a problem with is resists - but druids naturally have more life than everyone else so it sort of makes up for it a bit. I usually say go with a big 2 handed weapon for pvm, so it's a bit limiting. Any resistances over 0 in hell are going to be fine. Don't fret too much man.

but if you are worried about it, you could always just use a nice shiled and like a shaeled baranars star or something.

for a 2 handed i would definately recommend getting IK maul.Pump strength and vit up - and you can pretty much ignore dexterity. 100 base dext isn't a horrible idea either, but you can get away without it in pvm. the crushing blow will rip baal and diablo into bits. If you want to be pvp, go with a buriza to level up - the more dext the better the damage and ar with it.

something that might seem weird to everyone else is that i've never used summons on any shapeshifting build. meatshields are okay, but if you ignore that tree you can do another trick...

Max fire claws and wear stone armor - voila. It'll get you plenty of fire damage to take care of the physical immunes.

sorry my advice is sos hifty and scattered tonight - i'm very tired and i'm at work, and i'm very tired.


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Actually, I just rounded lvl 58 earlier tonight with my druid and this is where he currently stands:

Str/Vit - 150(ish)
Dex - Around 80-85
NRG - Base

Carrion Vine-1

Then there's the few skills with prereqs. When in wolf form, with Oak my HP (right now) is about 1800 base with around 2.5k AR (with Fury as my left-click attack).

Really, the only thing slowing me down is my EQ.. more than anything it's just a collection of whatever I've picked up.

Undead Crown
Hwanin's Justice
Some rare gloves/boots
35%MF Ammy
Dwarf Star/Manald Heal (both of which allowed me to pretty much forget Feral altogether).

It's funny you mention about the summons because with my primary skills maxed I was wondering where to dump the rest of my points. I'm going to definitely take a second glance at Fire Claws, now instead. As for prospective weapons/gear, I was looking at Aldur's Watchtower for my end-game gear.

Basically once I find a better weapon & higher def. armor, I should be able to head into Hell difficulty but, taking a lesson from my barb, I don't plan on doing that until I absolutely -know- I can handle myself even in a 1 player game.

As for PvP vs. PvM: I had no intention of using this char for PvP. At least, not seriously.

Thanks for the tips. :)