Question about the summoner


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Question about the summoner

Hi there,

Recently I've made a few keyruns. When I first find the summoner, his name is glowing in yellow, but if I use a tp and come back, he's name turns white. Why's that? Could someone plz explain? Will he still possibly drop the key?

Thanx in advance


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That sounds strange to me, never seen that. Anyway, that has nothing to do with his chances to drop keys.
As long as you are running the summoner on hell dif. lvl, he can drop keys, no matter if you use tp's or not.


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yellow names are used for rare and unique monsters, summoner is a special super unique

not sure why his name changes from yellow to white tho, shouldnt make a diff on his drops

in some areas colors get a little messed up
a5 abadon/pit of archeron when you open your inventory and mouseover over an item the background turns red insted of green