Question about the + damage to undead on blunt weapons ifr


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Question about the + damage to undead on blunt weapons

How does the +damage to undead on blunt weapons work? Do they modify the base damage of weapon, and then multiply the ED, or do they simply add onto ED? :scratch:

If it's the latter, then only 50% isn't really significant then.


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As far as I know, all ED works the same way: It multiplies your base damage by a certain value.

Let's say your weapon does 10-20 base damage and you add 50% ED by having the 50% ED vs. undead mod. That will increase your damage by 5-10.

Just like you said, the 50% damage bonus isn't significant.


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does ED stack? stay you have a mace with +50% ED against undead and then a magic mod of +50% ED against undead. would that be
x damage + 1/2x +1/2x=2x


x*1.5*1.5= 2.25x

then what is you have deadly strike/crushing blow on top of that?


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There are two types of Enhanced Damage - On-Weapon, and Everything Else.

On-Weapon ED does not include any +% dmg vs. demons/undead, from any source (even if it's on the weapon). Dmg vs demons/undead gets lumped in with the other ED.

So if you have a blunt weapon with base damage 50-100, which has +50% dmg vs Undead from being a blunt weapon and another +50% dmg vs Undead from magic, you'd be doing 100-200 damage against Undead (additive).

If you had a 50-100 dmg weapon with +50% Enhanced Damage and +50% dmg vs Undead, then it would be 112-225 damage against Undead (multiplicative).