Question about shield sockets..


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Question about shield sockets..

I just picked up a pretty decent Targe for my pally and wanna use Ancients Pledge in it. The only thing is, the sockets are in this order:


So, my question is, would the right order be:


I haven't socketed too many things really (just now learning there are a lot of items that are great that aren't necessarily gold, heh) so I'm bound to screw it up, I'm sure. :p


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it doesn't matter what shape the sockets make, or where you click the item to drop the rune in. just hold the rune over the item and left click. do this with each rune in proper order. ie. do it with ral first, the ort, then tal. but make sure the items is not magic, rare, etc...


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^^yeap what htey said.

I got freaked out when making my Hoto and the second rune went bottom right on me....but it all worked.