Question about pure lighting java.


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Question about pure lighting java.

Hi, I already asked these questions in jek's lighting guide. But I didn't recieve any reply and It's kind of "urgent"

Questions about pure lighting build (almost)

Right now I got the following:

14 LB (Maxed wrong syn, no big dealie though)
20 CS
20 LF
6 passives (1 in all useful)

I got 10 points to put out as well.

Now this is my questions.
I want a javazon who will be able to have a chance killing the über guys. (über diablo and so on)

Should I go 17 valk?
Should I max CS with all syns and skip valk?
Should I go 1 in freezing arrow and 1 in strafe to deal with LI?

What should I do?

Also one of my most important questions is a merc.
What would be the best merc for my build?
And in what difficulty should I get him? (Nightmare or hell?) and also is it offensive or deffensive? (I know very little about mercs, don't wanna boost the wrong one)


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Not that I think you'll have much of a chance killing the ubers:

1. No.
2. Yes.
3. No (see this thread).

Your Merc will die extremely quickly down there, so just get one that can survive the longest. Some say Defiance Mercs survive the longest (Normal/Hell Defensive), I'm not entirely sure myself. Whatever you do, make sure he's got (from most important to least important) a fast, high-damage 'Infinity' (ideally eth Thresher or GThresher), tons of resists, and as much IAS and FHR as you can muster.

(Note that you don't have to worry about "boosting" your Merc. Wherever and whenever you hire them they are within a few levels of your own.)

You'll have to pack on as much resists, Crushing Blow, and attack rating as possible (you may even need to max Penetrate), because Uber Meph is the toughest boss and just happens to be lightning immune. Dracul's are a necessity, and a 'Treachery' Fade prebuff wouldn't hurt either.


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Yea. . .what PhatTrumpet said.

Max the synergies. . .no arrows (for this build anyway). . .and the valk, well, if you intend on going against ubers, well then skip the valk and work on YOU.