Question about patches and immunes/leech nerf


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Question about patches and immunes/leech nerf

Ok, so i used to play D2 WAY back before the expansion. Basically i quite when the expansion came out and all my chars got nerfed to hell and gone. Now i wanna play again, but i don't want to have to deal with the mobs that are immune to certain elemental attacks, and i don't want that damn mana/life leech nerf.

Basically wanna have fun in single player, playing the game as i remember.

Ok, so tried patch 1.10 had immunes,
1.09d had immunes
1.08 had immunes

Is it possible to play with out the damn immunes?

It won't run with no patches, at least not in 3d, and the 2d looks lame as hell.

Anyone know which patch introduced the immunes?


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First of all, welcome to the forums.

Immunes are part of the game, and any well-built character should be able to handle most of them. If you play on bnet, you can also play in a party where players use different kinds of damage.

If you want no immunes... uhh... play normal difficulty? Not many immunes there...


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1.07 has immunes, and thats the start of the expansion, so I guess your stuck with them ;) Unless you wan to go back to classic, which I'm not sure about...

If you do want to go a single element, your best bet would be to get a good merc to handle the immunes, or else just avoid them. Overall, it's just easier to go duel elements, and plan ahead of time. There are alot of builds out there that are viable on hell. Just find one your interested in.


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Really immunes are not that much of a problem. Every class has ways to deal with at least two attack forms (physical, magic, cold, fire, lightning and poison) or more. Only characters who over specialize (like single element fire sorcs) have any real problems.

Hammardins being the exception to this, but that is another story.

So I would recommend just making a dual element sorc, or using another ability of your primary class that allows a second form of attack. I think youll find it is not really too hard.


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In classic, every monster had a resist cap of 75%, but all versions of D2X have immune critters.

I think they are part of the game. No monster can have have more than two immunities, and there are six types of damage and Open Wounds, too (which nothing is immune to) so there is almost always a way to kill them.