Question about Nilathak/Hephasto


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Question about Nilathak/Hephasto

I was looking over at D2 Data at what creatures have the greatest chance to drop high runes, Zod Vex Cham Ohm etc, and I found that, suprise suprise, Nilathak and Hephasto both have an equal chance, and the highest, to drop these runes.

So I want to know which one would be better to run for a cold sorc or for a melee fury WW druid?

I know that sometimes River of Flames gets a lot of cold immunes, and sometimes one lucks out and doesn't get any, what about Nilathaks Place?
Large amount of CI's and PI's?

Also, which do you think would be faster to run?


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Running nilithak has you corpse explosion. So, you=burinated.

Heph is a safe bet, plus the river is tc85 iirc.

EDIT: wow, I butchered that first sentence, oh well it's funny so I will leave it.


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If you look at they chances that either of them have to drop those runes they are nearly zero. You best bet it to just do magic find runs in places with a high TC so that you can find good items. If your specifically looking for runes, you should kill in areas with a high moster density, Chaos Sancuary comes to mind or the river.