Question about my zealer :P


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Question about my zealer :p

Ive started making this out of a rune master eth axe.. Now i have Zod, Jah for ignore defence, and 1 ohm for ed.. someone told me that the ignore defence dosent work in pvp.. so i think i messed up, but i was gonna add x2 lo's for the crushing blow. Would this be a good zealer weapon?


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Jah is already in it? well it has no IAS added so you have to get it all from equipment but if you get the 4fpa without using highlords then that should be good I think cuz then u can use angelics...


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Jah for pvp= useless

It basically lowers a normal enemy defense to 0, but it doesnt work on bosses and on players.



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Jah doesnt work pvp. IO=Vitalitly. But I think you ment Lo. Lo is deadly strike(20 per rune). Ber gives you crush blow. You meshed up. Sry dude