Question about MF

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Question about MF

ok i was just in a game with this zon and heres our conversation.

Me: just found another undead crown lol
Her: nice
Me: got 360 mf
Her: mf is irelevent in 1.10
Me: no
Me: say what u want
Me: i know the truth
Her: mf dont work agains major bosses
Me: yes it does
Her: no blizzard removed it in 1.10, they said so on they're web page when they listed the changes in 1.10 newb
Me: think what you want
Me: no i know

ok now i am a bit of a noob just started playing online like 4 months ago but i know a good deal just from reading here and other what is she talking about? is that true or not true.i never look on blizzards site so i dunno what they say on it.

btw this was on useast non ladder if it matters.


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Blizzard toyed with removing the effect of MF during the 1.10 beta, but in the final 1.10 release MF does work on bosses.


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When they released the beta they said they would disable mf on act bosses and certain superuniques (pindleskin for instance). But lots of people have been testing it and it still works, so ur right she's wrong :)