question about mf necro's

question about mf necro's

I gonna make a skelliemancer :)

With a nice mf setup :p

What weapon shall I use? I was thinking about an IstIst Alibaba
Armor: Enigma?
Helm: Shako?
Shield: Rhyme? (cant afford isted monarch)
Rings: 2x p nagel
Boots: Wartrav
Belt: Goldwrap
Glove: Chancies
Amu: mf amu

And does someone know the max mf value (if there is any :p)


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Welcome to the wild, wild world of the Undead!

Here it is from Merick:

MF Diminishing Returns Formulae
* Uniques: Final MF = (MF*250)/(MF+250) ; cannot exceed 250
* Set Items: Final MF = (MF*500)/(MF+500) ; cannot exceed 500
* Rares: Final MF = (MF*600)/(MF+600) ; cannot exceed 600

and here:

So there is no max per se, but there is a diminishing return. Also understand the faster you kill the faster you magic find. Having massive magic find, but being unable to kill a quill rat is a bad position to be in. You have to strike a balance between killing speed and magic find. Also please note that runes are not affected by magic find, thus if you're interested in building wealth in all aspects (uniques, cool yellow, runes) you'll really need to kill quickly with decent magic find up. With my melee characters I strive to get somewhere between 100-200% MF, with a sorc or necro you could easily double or triple those numbers and still maintain decent killing speed.

The fishymancer is probably one of the few characters to run normal to hell and back with minimal equipment. There are variations in the fishymancer. I max skellies, skellie mages, skelly mastery, and use one point into everything else I like (favorite curses, teeth (pre-req for), Corpse Explosion, gumby, summon resists, golem mastery, revives, etc.). I use the +skills to augment my character. Actually the current necro I'm leveling doesn't even have CE, he gets it from an item. I'm currently running around in nightmare with no uniques, only yellows and blues and I'm doing fine. Yes, I'm a poor, poor necromancer! :grin:

As for your choice of equipment, I assure you that you have much more wealth than I so you should do just fine.

Good luck and Good hunting!

ps: My higher level necros usually have left over skill points when hitting the level 80's range. Nice thing about the fishymancer, it's a really flexible build.


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If you use Enigma, I like to have a lot of resists and FCR while teleporting. GOing to baal, etc might be tough on you if you're too vulnerable and can't clear the throneroom.


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I use a Breast Plate on mine so that I could live with base strength.

Not to mention the cool-looking black boots.

Anyways... the point is, defense does not really matter. Go for something that'll actually benefit your character.