question about mf meteorb


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question about mf meteorb

k so im making mf meteorb(kind of)
20 meteor
20 fire ball
15 fire mastery

20 frozen orb
20 ice bolt
5 ice mastery

(prereqs\other skills(that i need) too but just talking about main skills)


nagel (currently 24)
wt (currently 30)
amu 2sk 10 fcr or 1x-2x mf
shako with ptopaz
disclipe belt
raven frost
gheed 40

at lvl 80 (cuz of enigma) ill have 248 mf, and around 269 mf after ill buy nagel 30 and wt 45+)

so the question is:
how much mf should i have with this equipment (i'll get mf scs)
also another question:
gonna keep my str on 30 (for eni bp)
so at lvl 80 i'll have:
30 str (naked)
60 str (enigma)
10 str wt
4 str lc
2 str sc
(the charms to get 106 str for the belt)
10 str belt

so i'll have 116 str, i'll try to get anni around 15 attri and torch around 15 attri
so i'll have around 146 str

now the question =\
should i get charms(gcs\lcs\scs) to get the 10 str or there is any better idea?

also, feel free to give me advices (about my sorc)

thanks~ :rolleyes: :smiley:


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Put in the str. Str charm plainly sucks.

Anyways, maxing Ice bolt gives you very little compared to getting better fire synergies.