Question about MF Diminishing Returns Formulae rounding if


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Question about MF Diminishing Returns Formulae rounding

Perhaps some of you clever people here can answer a simple question.

I have looked at the MF Diminishing Returns Formulae for uniques and set items:

Uniques: Final MF = (MF*250)/(MF+250)
Set Items: Final MF = (MF*500)/(MF+500)

Currently I have 703 MF, and if I understand this correctly, it does not matter if a have 702 MF or 707 MF, when only looking at uniques and set items.

In the MF formula I assume that 'Final MF' is rounded down so
702 MF => Unique-MF=(702*250)/(702+250)=184.349 rounded 184
707 MF => Unique-MF=(707*250)/(707+250)=184.692 rounded 184

702 MF => Set-MF=(702*500)/(702+500)=292.013 rounded 292
707 MF => Set-MF=(707*500)/(707+500)=292.875 rounded 292

So no differens between 702 and 707 MF, when only looking on unique and sets. I know there is a difference when looking at rare and magic items.

I have read most of the MF guide by Hrus in the stickies and some other stuff, but have not found a clear answer.

Hope someone can help.


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Hrus' MF Guide said:
I want to mention one thing I call "MF Breakpoints". There is a myth that some values of MF are better than the others; this comes from the older patches where the MF mechanics were different. In 1.10/1.11, the only thing that matters is the effective MF. But with increasing MF, your effective MF grows up very slowly. For example, you will have 167 effective MF if you have 504-512MF on your character, 168 effective MF with 513-521MF. So, if you have the inventory filled with some small 7% MF charms, and your total MF is 521, you can change 1 MF charm for another charm (for example with resistances, run/walk or +damage) while having the same chance for unique items.
This is the closest quote from the MF guide to your thought. Reading this again, I made a note for making next version - to rewrite this part slightly better...