Question about getting LoD


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Question about getting LoD

I had D2 for over 4 years and haven't played it in ages till this week. Now I want to get the expansion, and I was wondering will my current account work w/ the expansion pack.

I have a lvl 30 Necro on my D2 account, will I be able to use him online when I get the expansion?


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Yes, but the char is proberly expired if u haven't used it for 4 years

When LOD is installed you'll be able to convert to "expansion char"


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BloodAdo said:
Ohh no I just started playing again a few days ago. So i'll be able to convert.

Thx for the help.

You'll have the option to keep him as a "classic" character, or convert him to expansion. In general, "classic" characters aren't particularly well suited to the increased difficulty of the expansion, however, since you are still at a relatively low level, that change will be of little effect to you.


I find Classic to be much harder than LOD. No charms, no runes, no jewels, worthless mercs. Starting up is a pain.


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classic is very different than expansion, that's for sure, especially at high levels. my old barb that pwned in classic made the conversion very poorly. few +skills items, no elite class of armor or weapons, the list goes on. make the conversion early and all should be well.