Question about Dragon Armor


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Question about Dragon Armor


Thanks for stopping by. I have a question about Dragon Armor, well a few of the actually.

1.) I am assuming Dragon Armor is the runeword Dragon placed in 3os armor?

2.) Is this armor mostly used by Mercs or playable chars? What class usually uses this if made for a playable char?

3.) What armor is the best to make Dragon with?

4.) Whats the difference between really good Dragon armor and really bad Dragon armor. Looking at the runeword it seems most stats are static except for +3-5 attributes and the amount of STR per char level.

Any help clarifying this for me is great. I just don't see how this armor is worth a lot.


Evrae Altana

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1) Yes.
2) Auradins use them. When the Dragon armor is used along with another item that grants a Holy Fire aura on equipped, the two Holy Fire auras stack together.
3) Elite armor with low requirements.
4) The only variable mod is the +all attributes. It only varies from 3 to 5, so not too big of a difference.


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3) Some people like to put it in a low str exceptional armor (e.g. mage plate) because the def from the runeword is added (it does not multiply the base defense) and they use the str/attributes from the runeword to equip other pieces of equipment.