question about cube recipee


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question about cube recipee

am i missing something here what is so great about the cube recipee for socketing unless your going for max socs and the item can only get 2or 3 at max. you are taking a risk that you can only take once cause the recipee can only be used once after that the item is already socketed. which takes a nice white unsocket item and gives it a chance to be totally worth less.

take my perf unsoc archon armor for example if i cube soc it could be worth nothing ist 3 socs mal 4 socs or so im told. and if i use quest i get automatic 4socs. so is summit worng or am i missing something?

thanx for help in advance


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Well this recipe is useful when you have a sort of item that is worthless with max number of sockets (like a grand matron bow for example, gets 5 sockets, and there's no useful runeword for 5soc, just 4soc). So you can give it a try and maybe you'll get the right number of sockets, making the item very valuable.

Superior/low quality items can't be socketed with this recipe.


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its not too bad on a berserker axe either

4 - 6 sockets makes it usefull
and since most people dont have 500 socket quests taking a gamble is not always a bad thing


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cubing is good because it can re-roll gcs, scs, or lcs

it also makes cows by this reciple : wirts leg + tp

and back then in . 9, it was good for rerolling stats