Question about crafting items !


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Question about crafting items !


1)I would like to know the recipe to make a good dual leech with str/dext and resist if possible with a ring. What kind of ring would be good to use to have these mods in crafting.

2) how to Make fast run boots with high % with str and dext added?
Which pair of boots mods would help to craft ?

I want to know the recipe also please !
Thanks a lot!


Re: Question about crafting items !

There is no crafting recipe for boots or rings that have the mod's you reference as fixed effects. However, items with an ilevel of 71 or higher will always get four random affixes, so you may luck out. Plan on going through a lot of attempts, though. Good luck!


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Re: Question about crafting items !

1) Blood craft rings always have a little LL and a few points str; you can get double LL and Str, as well as ML and res all, with the 4 random, but of course that gets harder and rarer the more specific you get :) To get all 4 mods on a ring would be, well, astronomically rare...

blood ring = magic ring + jewel + sol + pruby

2) No boots have any of those as fixed mods; you can craft or gamble for rare boots and they're all the same as far as FRW or stats