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Gavindale Marchovia

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A couple quick questions for gamers out there... in Diablo II, most of my inventory is taken up with charms of various sizes (small to grand). Here is a list of the charms I currently have...

Large - +3 Strength
Grand - +16 poison damage over 4 seconds, +3 Dexterity
Small - +1 Dexterity, fire resist +5%
Large - +3 Strength
Large – add 1-2 fire damage
Grand - +3 Dexterity
Small - +7 life
Large – add 1-6 lightning damage, +3 Mana
Small - +4 max stamina, 9% extra gold from monsters
Small – add 1-2 cold damage
Large, +3 Dexterity
Large – add 1-2 fire damage, fire resist +4%
Grand - +4 Strength, poison resist +10%

Which of these charms can I sell to free up space in my inventory? I'm at the point where, with all the charms in my inventory, I have little room for items found in the battlefield. I have to find something, go back to town, sell that item, go back out into the field, etc. btw, I am a level 18 Paladin, with gold maxed out in my stash and decent equipment on my person. Oh, a quick question – I have found that the title of equipment in the game (weapons, armor, etc) are in various colors – white, gray, blue, green, etc. - what do the colors mean?

Gavindale Marchovia

Diabloii.Net Member
What discretion should I use in the future to know what charms to keep and which to sell? I ask this now so that I don't have to log in here and post a question every time I come across a new charm.


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In general charms that offer resistances are the most useful. Especially to lightning and fire.
Stamina, extra gold, dexterity and strength not so much. (Unless you need extra stregth to wear a piece of equipment).

So the grand and large charm that both give only +3 to dexterity should go. The 2 large charms that give +3 strength should also go if you have enough strength.

The ones that provide extra damage are okay but I would suggest selling the large that only gives 1-2 fire damage. Note that you have another large one that adds the same amount but also adds fire resistance.

As for the item colours, white = normal, gray = socketed or ethereal, blue = magic, yellow = rare, gold = unique, green = set.

The wiki here provide a lot of useful information about the items in the game:

Hope this helps.