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Question about avenger

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by blockcipher, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. blockcipher

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    Jul 12, 2003
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    Question about avenger


    I'm starting back up in D2 and I was thinking about building a paladin for SP use. My plan is something like this:

    1pt Vengenace
    10-20 Holy Shield
    20 Conviction

    I don't plan on trading, so ensuring I have great mana steal is not an option, so I figure 1pt Vengeance boosted with synergies would be a good idea.

    Now, here's the iffy part. I know the most common immunity is fire, so would it make sense to max Resist Lighting/Resist Cold before putting any points in Resist Fire? The way I figure it, I'll be maximizing my damage potential by focusing on those elements that are least likely to be resisted. However, it's also possible that I can run into trouble. Granted, I plan on having an Act 2 defiance merc to help me out, so I shouldn't ever be unable to kill something.

    Any thoughts? I figured I'd get some advice before getting myself into too much trouble.

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